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27355. A case of cystitis, pyelonephritis, and pyonephrosis due to colon-bacillus infection: presentation of two kidneys showing different stages of infective disease, the bacillus coli communis only being found : presentation of one kidney in the early stage of cortical tuberculosis

27360. The nephrite question

27368. The complete herbalist, or, The people their own physicians by the use of nature's remedies: showing the great curative properties of all herbs, gums, balsams, barks, flowers, and roots : how they should be prepared, when and under what influences selected, at what times gathered, and for what diseases administered ; also, separate treatises on food and drinks, clothing, exercise, the regulation of the passions, life, health, and disease, longevity, medication, air and sunshine, bathing, sleep, etc. : also, symptoms of prevalent diseases, special treatment in special cases, and a new and plain system of hygienic principles

27378. Arguments of E. Hasket Derby, Charles S. Lincoln, and Henry W. Muzzey, Esquires, before the Commission on Miller's River: consisting of the Harbor Commissioners and the State Board of Health, against filling the lower basin

27379. The Hartford Sanitary Plumbing Co's patent glass water-closet, with water and metallic check-valve traps combined: a perfect protection from sewage diseases : excels every other water-closet made in this or any other country in neatness, safety for health, sweetness, and perfect construction and operation

27395. Hayden's cold concentrated saturates, for physicians' prescriptions: a handbook of medicinal preparations, formulae, properties, uses and doses of Hayden's saturates : antidotes for over doses of poisonous plants, new remedies, etc