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4. [A.M. Whaley]

5. [A.M. Whaley]

8. Additional hospital facilities for discharged soldiers, sailors, marines, and army and navy nurses: letter from the Secretary of the Treasury, transmitting a tentative draft of a bill to provide additional hospital and out-patient dispensary facilities for all discharged, sick and disabled soldiers, sailors, marines, army and navy nurses (male and female), and for other purposes, together with statement of the needs of the enactment of such legislation by the Surgeon General of the Public Health Service

9. [Alan D. Hinsely]

10. Alan Gregg in Brazil

11. Alan Gregg with a group in Brazil

12. Alan Gregg's Brazil diary

13. [Albert R. Lamb]

14. Album de la guerre: five hundred photographs, seventy drawings and thirteen articles

16. [Allen Greenwood]

20. Anciens Militaires

21. Anciens Militaires: Sauvons-les

22. [Annex]

23. [Antonio Cardow-Fauzeres]

24. [Arthur Newsholme]

26. Asistencia práctica de enfermos

42. [Capt. A.H. Dunn]

44. [Capt. P.C. Newton]

45. [Capt. R.Z. Grimes]

49. [Capt. William G. Reynolds]

50. [Capt. William G. Reynolds]

51. [Capt. William G. Reynolds]

52. [Capt. William G. Reynolds]

53. [Capt. William G. Reynolds]

54. [Capt. William G. Reynolds]

55. [Captain G.C. Doreting]

56. [Captain George L. Kreiger]

58. [Carl Phillips]

59. [Cary T. Grayson, M.D.]

63. [Charles McChesney Bray]

70. [Clyde R. Terry]

72. [Col. Charles F. Craig]

73. [Col. Charles F. Craig]

74. [Col. Douglas F. Duval]

75. [Col. E.H. Fiske]

76. [Col. E.H. Fiske]

78. [Col. Jay W. Grissinger]

80. [Colonel Babcock]

84. [Colonel W.E. Cooper]

88. Defects found in drafted men: statistical information compiled from the draft records, showing the physical condition of the men registered and examined in pursuance of the requirements of the Selective Service Act

89. [Delousing plant]

90. [Dental Office]

91. [Detachment personnel]

96. [Dr. Demolder]

98. [Dr. Simon Baruch]

99. [Dr. Simon Baruch]

100. [Dr. Simon Baruch]