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1. The radical cure of hernia: embracing a description of the disease, its varieties, peculiar conditions, causes, symptoms, dangers, treatment and permanent cure : together with a history of trusses, and an examination into the various kinds in general use : with a deduction of new principles, and a description of a new instrument recently invented for a radical cure


2. Golden rules of health, and hints to dyspeptics: with special reference to diet, exercise, air, temperature, ventilation, hygrometry, influence of domestic habits : together with remarks on allopathy, hydropathy, aeropathy, thermopathy, psychropathy, homoeopathy, thumpingpathy, healingpathy, killingpathy &c., &c., &c


11. Banning's common sense on chronic diseases: a rational treatise, condensed from his course of popular lectures on the use and diseases of the lungs and heart, curved, weak, and diseased spine, dyspepsia and other affections of the stomach and liver and digestive organs, diseases of women and of the visceral organs generally, with their sympathetic influences


14. Treatise upon the nature and treatment of morbid sensibility of the retina, or weakness of sight: being the dissertation to which the Boylston medical prize for 1848 was awarded upon the following question: "What is the nature and best mode of treatment of that affection of the eyes, commonly called morbid sensibility of the retina?"


38. Pollard and Minkler's obstetrical supporter: a description of its application, use, & beneficial effects, as connected with the natural parts and organs, in the process of parturition : embracing also a description of the muscles concerned in the mechanism of labor


39. The history of the mild yellow fever which prevailed in the city of Natchez in 1848: with observations respecting its character and natural mode of cure : to which is appended from various authors descriptions and notices of that disease, of dengue, and of inflammation of the stomach and bowels


51. Homoeopathic domestic medicine


64. On cholera


69. Epidemic cholera


70. The cholera, no judgment!: The efficacy, philosophy, and practical tendency of the prayer by the Archbishop of Canterbury, ordered to be used during the prevalence of cholera, examined in a letter, addressed to the right hon. the Earl of Carlisle


84. Remarks on spasmodic cholera


94. Report on the cholera in Paris