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1. Abolition des peines corporelles

8. Une affaire d'honneur en 1847

28. The Bottle

30. C.L. Brewster

42. The committee appointed "to prepare a nomenclature of diseases adapted to the United States, having reference to a general registration of deaths," beg leave to submit the following report

44. A compendium of medical science, or, Fifty years' experience in the art of healing: being a plain and practical treatise on the prevention and cure of disease : designed to enlighten the popular mind in the true elementary principles of medicine, and protect the reading public from the mischiefs of quackery

46. Complete elements of the science and art of the dentist: followed by an historical and chronological notice of the works published on the dental art, from the time of Hippocrates : adopted for the schools of medicine and pharmacy, by ministerial ordinance, rendered upon the report of the Royal Council of Public Instruction, and for the hospitals of the ports and colonies of France, by ministerial ordinance, upon the report of the inspector general of the Marine service of health

54. A defence of phrenology

64. [Dr. Johann Jörg]

67. Edward Lubbock Esqe. M.D

75. The eye: its imperfections and their prevention : comprising a familiar description of the anatomy and physiology of the organ of vision : rules for the preservation, improvement, and restoration of sight : with remarks on near sight and aged sight, on optics, and the use and abuse of spectacles, with directions for their selection

77. Facts in hydropathy, or water-cure: a collection of cases, with details of treatment, shewing the safest and most effectual know means to be used in gout, rheumatism, indigestion, hypochondriasis, fevers, consumption, &c ; &c ; from Sir Charles Scudamore, Drs. Wilson, Gully ... and others ; to which is prefixed Bulwer's celebrated letter

82. Family physician: designed to assist heads of families, travellers and seafaring people in discerning, distinguishing, and curing diseases : with directions for the preparation and use of a numerous collection of the best American remedies, together with a large number of valuable receipts for making plasters, ointments, oils, poultices, decoctions, syrups or waters made of herbs, the time of gathering all herbs, the way of drying and keeping the herbs all the year, also the way of making and keeping all kinds of useful compounds made of herbs

84. Fâcheux emploi de l'éther

89. Geo. McClellan. M.D