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225. Pathetism: man considered in respect to his form, life, sensation, soul, mind, spirit : giving the rationale of those laws which produce the mysteries, miseries, felicities, of human nature : psychology, phrenology, pneumatology, physiognomy, pathognomy, physiology : sleep, dreams, sonambulation, intuition, presentiments, prevision, enchantment, miracles, witchcraft, popular excitements, apparitions, spells, charms, fascination, trance, the case of Swedenborg, A.J. Davis, &c. : an essay toward a correct theory of mind, with directions for demonstrating its truthfulness

242. To the medical convention assembled in Philadelphia in the month of May 1847: report of the Committee on the Organization of the National Medical Association, as ordered by the National Medical Convention held in the city of New York in the month of May 1846

253. William Gibson, M.D

254. [Robert Liston]

255. Thomas Linacre, M.D

256. Geo. McClellan. M.D

257. Edward Lubbock Esqe. M.D

258. [Richard Mead]

259. C.L. Brewster

260. Wm. Ferguson

261. [Dr. Johann Jörg]

262. Marie François Xavier Bichat, M.D

263. [J. Baron]

264. [John Caius]

265. [James Copland]