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12. Hygiene for girls

15. Maintaining health

20. Gunn's new family physician, or, Home book of health: forming a complete household guide, giving many valuable suggestions for avoiding disease and prolonging life, with plain directions in case of energency, and pointing out in familiar language the causes, symptoms, treatment and cure of diseases incident to men, women, and children with the simplest and best remedies : presenting a manual for nursing the sick, and describing minutely the properties and uses of hundreds of well-known medicinal plants : with supplementary treatises on anatomy, physiology, and hygiene, on domestic and sanitary economy, and on physical culture and development

24. Offene Volks-Sprache über das Menschensystem: die Gewohnheiten der Männer und Frauen, die Ursachen und Verhütung der Krankheiten, unsere geschlechtlichen Beziehungen und sociales Leben : und gesunder Menschen-Verstand, erläuternd Ursachen, Verhütung und Heilung chronischer Krankheiten, die natürlichen gegenseitigen Beziehungen der Männer und Frauen-Gesellschaft, Liebe, Ehe, Elternstand, u.s.w, u.s.w

31. The American botanist, and family physician: in which the medical virtues of the mineral, animal and vegetable productions of North America are exhibited, together with their uses in the practice of physic and surgery : some of which are selected from Dr. Stearns, and other authors, but mostly original : comprehending a treatise upon the principal disorders of the climate, together with directions for preparing, compounding, and applying proper medicines for their cure : likewise, a large number of Indian discoveries in the medical art, never before published

33. Sickle cell anemia

34. Das Recepten-Buch: enthaltend eine Sammlung nützlicher und werthvoller Recepte, bestimmt zum Gebrauch für Apotheker, Farmer, Pflanzer und Familien : einschliesslich gar werthvoller Belehrung über Pharmacie, Medizin und Haushaltungskunst : es ertheilt auch Rath in Bezug auf die Behandlung und Heilung der vorwaltendsten und schwierigsten Krankheiten in der Breiten-Graden der Ver. Staaten und den brittischen Provinzen

37. Family homoeopathy

38. Officers and soldiers of the Sixth Va. Vol. Infantry: having been appointed your surgeon, and bearing in mind that it is the number of bayonets in the field, and not names on the muster roll, is the strength of an army, I come among you to give such advice for your camp life as may best preserve your health and promote your efficiency : to secure which the observance of the following rules are necessary and will be required

42. The medical companion, or family physician: treating of the diseases of the United States, with their symptoms, cause, cure, and means of prevention, common cases in surgery, as fractures, dislocations, &c., the management and diseases of women and children : a dispensatory for preparing family medicines, and a glossary explaining technical terms, to which are added a brief anatomy and physiology of the human body, showing, on rational principles, the cause and cure of diseases : an essay on hygiene, or the art of preserving health without the aid of medicine, also the nurse's guide

43. The Indian vegetable family instructer: containing the names and descriptions of all the most useful herbs and plants that grow in this country, with their medicinal qualities annexed : also a treatise on many of the lingering diseases to which mankind are subject, with new and plain arguments respecting the management of the same, with a large list of recipes, which have been carefully selected from Indian prescriptions and from those very persons who were cured by the same after every other remedy had failed : designed for the use of families in the United States