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22. A confidential communication of the enemy of human diseases: for the service of the afflicted applying to him : for whom alone is intended this supplementary reflection concerning the cause of human miseries, and the prevalent infirmities of their minds and bodies : to which is prefixed various vindications and detections

23. Continuation of the confidential communication, intended for the general benefit of the afflicted: and especially for the service of those of them who apply to the enemy of human diseases : being informed thereby of the cause that has compelled the new condition of their admittance : to which is prefixed, various information, and also, the result of the experience acquired on one's frame, concerning the fatal consequences of being exposed to breathe the unsalubrious air of diseased human beings : and in general, the contagious danger of their common intercourse, and the baleful one of the distemper's destructive influence

29. The treasure of health, or A wonderful collection of the most valuable secrets in medicine: for the cure of all diseases, wounds, and other accidents to which the human body is subject, with the method of preparing, and instructions for using, the necessary remedies ; also, the best preservatives against the plague, pestilential fevers, small pox, and other kinds of contagious diseases ; discovered, after much research and experience, by the mos[t] skilful [sic] physicians in Europe, and employed with the greatest success, and unknown till the present time in the United States ; carefully collected by a benevolent society in Europe

32. The American medical guide for the use of families: in two parts : part 1st ; a materia medica ; being a treaties [i.e., treatise] on all the most useful articles used as medicine, including those which are the produce of our own country : part 2d therapeutics, or, the art of curing the various diseases of the human body : to which is added a short description of the constituent parts of the human body

33. The practical horse farrier, or, The traveller's pocket companion: shewing the best method to preserve the horse in health, and, likewise, the cure of the most prominent diseases to which this noble animal is subject, in the United States of America : the whole being the result of nearly forty years' experience, with an extensive practice

37. Select poems, &c

38. Every man his own cattle doctor, or, A practical treatise on the diseases of horned cattle: being a concise and familiar description of all the diseases incident to oxen, cows, and sheep : with the most simple and effectual method of curing each disorder, in all its various stages : and the most efficacious treatment of cows, before, at and after the time of calving : and also of ewes during the lambing season

39. The American domestick medicine, or, Medical admonisher: containing, some account of anatomy, the senses, diseases, casualties ; a dispensatory, and glossary ; in which, the observations, and remedies, are adapted to the diseases, &c. of the United States ; designed for the use of families

40. The surprising case of Rachel Baker: who prays and preaches in her sleep : with specimens of her extraordinary performances taken down accurately in short hand at the time : and showing the unparalleled powers she possesses to pray, exhort, and answer questions, during her unconscious state : the whole authenticated by the most respectable testimony of living witnesses