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2. The Indian vegetable family instructer: containing the names and descriptions of all the most useful herbs and plants that grow in this country, with their medicinal qualities annexed : also a treatise on many of the lingering diseases to which mankind are subject, with new and plain arguments respecting the management of the same, with a large list of recipes, which have been carefully selected from Indian prescriptions and from those very persons who were cured by the same after every other remedy had failed : designed for the use of families in the United States

3. A nievve herball, or Historie of plantes: wherein is contayned the whole discourse and perfect description of all sortes of herbes and plantes : their divers & sundry kindes ... and that not onely of those whiche are here growyng in this our countrie of Englande, but of all others also of forrayne realmes commonly used in physicke ; first set foorth in the Doutche or Almaigne tongue

5. A Boke of the propreties of herbes called an herball: wherunto is added the time ye herbes, floures and sedes shold be gathered to be kept the whole yere, wyth the vertue of ye herbes when they are stilled ; also a generall rule of all maner of herbes drawen out of an auncyent booke of phisyck

6. [Tulips]

7. [Tulips]

8. [Daffodils]

9. [Daffodils]

10. [Daffodils]

11. [Allium]

12. [Crocus]

13. [Irises]

14. [Irises]

15. [Gladioluses]

16. [Anemones]

17. [Ranunculus]

18. [Campion]

19. [Gentian]

20. [Grapes]

21. Dandelion =: Dens leonis, taraxcum

22. Red poppy =: Papaver, rubrum, erraticum, rhoeas

23. Garden cucumber =: Cucumis sativus

24. Wild tansie =: Argentina, potentilla

25. Sage =: Salvia

26. White lilly =: Lilium album

27. Fox glove =: Digitalis

28. Lark spur =: Consolida regalis, delphinium

30. Hollyhocks =: Malva arborea

31. Female piony =: Paeonia faemina

32. Clove July-flowers =: Caryophyllus ruber

33. The peach tree =: Perfica malus

35. Guinea pepper =: Piper indicum

36. Quinces =: Cydonea, or Mala cotonea majora

37. The vine =: Vitis, vinifera

39. Garden succory =: Cichorium sativum or Seris

40. Bastard acorus =: Acorus adulterinus

41. Dragons =: Dracontium

42. Small blue-bottle =: Cyanus minor

43. Raspberry-bush =: Rubus ideous

44. Lavender =: Lavendula

45. Broad leaved lavender =: Spica latifolia

46. The damson tree =: Prunus damascena

47. Osmond-royal =: Filix florida

48. The succotrine aloe =: Aloe succotrina

49. Ash-colour'd liverwort =: Lichen cinereus

50. Black coral =: Corallium nigrum