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1. Welcome to the Public Health, Demography & American Medicine Symposium: Lister Hill Center Auditorium, 22 May 1996

9. Report of the International Council of Nurses: Berlin, 1904

18. Publicación oficial

21. Proceedings of the first three meetings of the surgeons of the Eastern Division, W., St. L. & P. R'Y: held respectively at Decatur, Illinois, Jan. 25, 1882, Fort Wayne, Indiana, June 4, 1883, Springfield, Illinois, April 30, 1884

28. Past, present, and future of biomedical information

29. An evidence-based health care system: the case for clinical trials registries : Office of Medical Applications of Research, National Institutes of Health [and] National Library of Medicine, Lister Hill Auditorium, Bethesda, Maryland, December 6-7, 1993

33. Reconditioning Conference on the Convalescent Hospital Reconditioning Program: 3-4 January 1945, School for Personnel Services, Lexington, VA

34. Conference on Epidemic Diarrhea Among Newborns: August 27, 1946, Leland Hotel, Springfield, Illinois

35. Report of Conference of Commanders of General Hospitals and Medical Centers

36. Symposium on Military Physiology: under the auspices of the Military Establishment Research and Development Board, Committee on Geographical Exploration, Panel on Physiology

37. Proceedings of part I of the Joint Army-Navy-OSRD Conference on Psychological Problems in Military Training: August 15 and 16, 1945, Departmental Auditorium, Washington, D.C

40. Reconditioning Conference: held at Hammond General Hospital, Modesto, California, June 16-17, 1944

41. Report of Conference of the Surgeon General with Army Surgeons and Commanders of Named General Hospitals

42. Conference on the Department of Reconditioning School for Personnel Services

44. Reconditioning Conference, Schick General Hospital: Clinton, Iowa, 21-22 March, 1944

45. Proceedings: Reconditioning Conference, Classes I and II Trainees, Tuesday, 25 April, 1944 : England General Hospital, Convalescent Facility, Atlantic City, New Jersey

53. Report of Conference of the Surgeon General with Commanders of Named General Hospitals

55. Continuation Committee in Medicine and Allied Fields: Conference on Inter-American Relations in the Field of Education : minutes of meeting of March 8, 1940, room 399, Department of State

56. Temporary Continuation Committee: Conference on Inter-American Relations in the Rield of Education : minutes of meeting of February 2 and 3, 1940, room 474, Department of State

57. Conference on Spinal Cord Injuries: 19 October, 1945, Halloran General Hospital, Staten Island, New York; 20 October, 1945, Thomas M. England General Hospital, Atlantic City, New Jersey

62. Report of meeting of the Commission on Neurotropic Virus Diseases of the U.S. Army Epidemiological Board: held at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, New York City, 18 October 1945

64. Proceedings of the Conference on Problems of Centralized Documentation: held at Central Air Documents Office, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio., 11-13 April 1949

67. Proceedings of the Conference of Army Physicians, Central Mediterranean Forces: held at the Institute superiore di sanità : Rome, 29th January to 3rd February 1945

68. A health education symposium

69. Proceedings, Conference of Preventive Medicine Officers: Preventive Medicine Service, Office of the Surgeon General : 14-15-16 February 1945, Johns Hopkins University, School of Hygiene & Public Health, Baltimore, Maryland

74. Personality development and its implications for nursing and nursing education: proceedings of an Institute on Nursing Education, held November 4, 5, and 6, 1948, at the Illini Building, University of Illinois, Chicago

76. Proceedings of the Institute on Readjusting with the Returning Servicemen: held March 8-9, 1945, in the Knickerbocker hotel, Chicago, Illinois, under the auspices of the Illinois Society for Mental Hygiene

79. Conference on Survival and Emergency Rations: held at the Knickerbocker Hotel, Chicago, 5 September 1947

82. Symposium on Anthrax

83. Conference on Fatigue