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202. Letter from Roald Hoffmann to Joshua Lederberg

203. Letter from John Hotchin to J. W. Westley

204. Letter from John Hotchin to Elliott C. Levinthal

205. Letter from John Hotchin to Joshua Lederberg

207. Infectious Drug Resistance

208. Letter from Francois Jacob to Joshua Lederberg

209. Letter from Lawrence Okun to Francois Jacob

210. Letter from Matthew Meselson to Joshua Lederberg

211. Letter from M. R. Irwin to Joshua Lederberg

213. Letter from Edward Novitski to Joshua Lederberg

215. Letter from Arthur M. Ross to Joshua Lederberg

216. Letter from Arthur M. Ross to Joshua Lederberg

218. Memorandum from Robert Sears to Joshua Lederberg

220. Letter from Joseph M. Pettit to T. L. K. Smull

223. Notes on the future of science

227. Notes on nematode experiments

230. Nirenberg to Receive 1966 Research Corporation Award

234. Left-Heart Bypass