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1. Letter from Paul Berg to Kenneth Murray

2. Letter from Kenneth Murray to Paul Berg

23. Letter from Edward L. Tatum to Francis Crick

27. Codon-Anticodon Pairing: The Wobble Hypothesis

29. The Computer, the Eye, the Soul

38. Letter from Virginia Apgar to Victor A. McKusick

40. Letter from Victor A. McKusick to John L. Fuller

43. Science and Humanism--Friends or Foes?

51. Letter from D. O. McLaughry to Richard Hardwick

66. Letter from Stephen Zamenhof to Joshua Lederberg

67. The 'Heart Gap' Will Cause Soul Ache

68. Using Bigotry Against Bias

69. Bootlegging Flag to the Moon

70. Nine Doctors Test Law

71. Animals for Research

72. Don't Scrap Education Yet

73. World's End Postponed

74. What About the Pill?

75. A Treaty Proposal on Germ Warfare

76. Pill Heralds Biological Change

77. Virginia 'Biology' Based on Delusion

78. Backsliding in Science

80. We Need More and Better Docs

81. The Disaster of Idiocy

82. The Brains of the Matter

83. Insight in a Hormone

84. A Science Scoop by China

85. A Hereditary Tummy-Ache?

86. What's in a Name in Drugs?

87. Innovation Throws Us

88. Space: The Crisis of Decision

89. On Cosmic Law: An Earthly Start

90. Poets Knew it All Along

91. Big Decisions on Big Boom

94. The Issue of 'Bad Heredity'

95. Letter from Peter Medawar to William Shockley

96. Letter from Peter Medawar to Joshua Lederberg

97. Letter from Peter Medawar to Joshua Lederberg

98. Letter from Stanfield Rogers to Joshua Lederberg

99. Letter from Stanfield Rogers to Joshua Lederberg

100. Letter from George W. Beadle to Joshua Lederberg