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101. [16th century public bathroom]

102. [16th century flush toilet]

105. [Scholarship]

106. Finis

107. Muti Doctores Optimi

109. [Anatomy of the urogenital system]

110. [Human skeleton]

111. [Human skeleton]

112. [Human skeleton]

117. [Musculature of the human body]

120. [Musculature of the human body]

124. [Muscles and bones of the human body]

127. [Creation of Eve]

128. [Dance of Death]

129. [Development of the fetus]

131. [Title page with printer's mark]

132. [A man standing at a furnace]

133. [Chronological index on venereal disease]

134. De Morbis Cutaneis

135. [Historiated letter Q]

137. [The brain and spinal column]

138. Venter Pluma Venus Laudem Fugienda Sequenti

144. [Impacted uterus]

147. [Ear]

148. [Anatomy of the neck]

149. Organi Auditus

150. Laryngotomia

152. Organi Olfactus

153. Organi Auditus

154. [Anatomy of the human body, rear view]

155. Organi Auditus

157. [The sensation of heat]

159. [Vision and visual perception]

161. [The liver]

162. [Abdominal muscles]

163. [Abdominal muscles]

164. [Abdominal muscles]

165. [Genitalia]

166. [Anatomy of the female reproductive system]

167. [The heart]

169. [Human skeleton]

170. [Anatomy of the human body]

172. [Abdominal cavity]

173. [Human skull and an hourglass]

174. Universalis Figura Capitis, Humani

175. [Anatomy of the human head]

176. [Muscles of the human body]

177. [Anatomy of the abdomen]

178. [Muscles of the human body]

180. [Anatomy of a skeleton]

181. Orate ne intretis in tentationem

182. Surgite mortui venite ad Judicium

183. Dieu Et Mon Droyt: Compendiosa

184. [Adam and Eve figures]

185. [The brain]

186. Figura matricis

187. A. Corn. Celsus

188. Petrus Pomet Aromatarius Parisiensis

189. [A man seated in a chair attached to a scale]

190. Sanctorius Sanctorius

191. Ulrichus De Hutten

192. [Anatomy of the human male]

193. [Anatomy of the human male]

194. [Anatomy of the human male]

195. [Anatomy of the human male]

196. [Anatomy of the human male]

197. [Anatomy of the human male]

199. [Bee hive]

200. [Bee hive]