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3. "Prevention and Control of Narcotic Addiction"

4. "There stalked a multitude of dreams."

7. $4 Million for Unsought NIH Study

8. 'Creation of Life' Is More Slogan Than a Description

9. 'Criminal Genetic Types' Pose a Research Dilemma

10. 'Good Food' to One Human May Half-Starve Another

11. The 'Heart Gap' Will Cause Soul Ache

12. The 'Mysterious' Computer Will Not Abet Witch-Hunts

13. 'Playmate' Shows Problems in Studying the Emotions

21. 17 Countries Top the U. S. in Low Infant Mortalities

26. 1984 - Biology

30. 64 triplets and complementary triplets

36. A-Weapons Must Be Limited If Used in South Vietnam

41. ACME Note AS-1: A Summary of the ACME System

42. ACME Note AS-2: A Summary of the ACME System

43. ACME Note CN-2: Configuration of Machine

44. ACME annual report

45. ACME annual report

46. ACME grant proposal, 1966-1967

47. ACME grant proposal, 1967-1968

48. ACME progress report

50. Abiogenic Synthesis in the Martian Environment