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2. The history of nine cases of ovariotomy

11. Report of the Committee on Diet of the Children's Nurseries on Randall's Island

12. Ceremonies on laying the corner-stone of the New York State Institution for the Blind, at Batavia, Genesee Co., N.Y: on Thursday, September 6th, 1866 : with the oration of Dr. S.G. Howe, of Boston, letter of Dr. Wm. Chapin, etc., etc., etc

19. Experiments connected with the discovery of cholesterine and seroline, as secretions, in health, of the salivary, tear, mammary, and sudorific glands: of the testis and the ovary, of the kidneys in hepatic derangements, of mucous membranes when congested and inflamed, and in the fluid of ascites and that of spina bifida

23. Mania transitoria

32. Report on the State House well

34. Taenia solium

35. Inoculating the human system with straw fungi, to protect it against the contagion of measles: with some additional observations relating to the influence of fungoid growth in producing disease and in the fermentation and putrefaction of organic bodies

38. Army regulations: adopted for the use of the army of the Confederate States, in accordance with late acts of Congress : revised from the army regulations of the old United States army, 1857, retaining all that is essential for officers of the line : to which is added, An act for the establishment and organization of the army of the Confederate States of America : also, Articles of war, for the government of the army of the Confederate States of America

44. The doctrine of purgation: curiosities from ancient and modern literature : a collection of quotations on the use of purgatives, from Hippocrates, and other medical writers, covering a period of over two thousand years, proving purgation is the corner-stone of all curatives

46. Historical remarks on the operation of obliterating the vagina by uniting its walls (kolpokleisis) for re-establishing continence of urine in cases of incurable vesico-vaginal fistula: together with a statement concerning the present mode of operation on vesico-vaginal fistulae in Germany

48. Practical remarks on scarlatina

50. On the crystalline nature of glass