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1. First report of the Committee on Public Hygiene of the American Medical Association: read at the annual meeting, held in Boston, May 1849 : with an appendix containing sketches of the sanitary condition of the cities of Concord, Portland, New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Lowell, Baltimore, Charleston, New Orleans, Louisville, and Cincinnati

2. The committee appointed "to prepare a nomenclature of diseases adapted to the United States, having reference to a general registration of deaths," beg leave to submit the following report

4. Hygiene

6. On fractures

11. The heart-clot

18. On cyanosis, or Morbus Caeruleus

19. Homoeopathy vindicated, in a letter to J.V.C. Smith, editor of the Boston medical and surgical journal: containing a reply to his review of Drs. C. and L's "Epitome of homeopathic practice," with the acceptance of J.V.C. Smith's and C. A. Lee's challenges and the consequences

21. Report of the trial of Abner Rogers, Jr: indicted for the murder of Charles Lincoln, Jr., late warden of the Massachusetts State Prison : before the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, holden at Boston, on Tuesday, January 30, 1844

24. A report of the facts and circumstances relating to a case of compound fracture, and prosecution for mal-practice: in which William Smith was plaintiff, and Drs. Goodyear and Hyde were defendants, at Cortland Village, Cortland Co., N.Y., March, 1841 : comprising statements of the case by several medical gentlemen, together with notes and comments on the testimony

28. Rules for the government of the American Medical Association, at its second annual meeting, held at Boston, May, 1849: prepared by order of the Committee of Arrangements, and in accordance with the by-laws of the Association : to which is added a list of officers for 1848-49, and of all the delegates whose credentials, from the various local societies in the United States, have been received by the Secretary

40. The family instructor, or Guide to health: containing the names and description of the most useful herbs and plants that are now in use, with their medicinal qualities annexed : also, a treatise on many of the lingering diseases to which mankind are subject, with new and plain directions respecting the management of the same : with a large list of recipes, which have been carefully selected from Indian prescriptions, and from those who were cured by the same after every other remedy had failed

45. Skepticism

78. Medical diary and recipe book

80. A few remarks upon the use and abuse of the gymnastic and hygeinic exercises: with their powerful agency in the development and formation of a good figure both in man & woman, as well as in the prevention of spinal & chest deformities : and more particularly as the only means of effectually removing them without injury, & even with improvement to the constitution of the patient

81. Outlines of physiology, both comparative and human: in which are described the mechanical, animal, vital, and sensorial organs and functions : also, the application of these principles to muscular exercise, and female fashions and deformities : intended for the use of schools and heads of families : together with a synopsis of human anatomy

83. Charter of the Society of the New-York Hospital, and the laws relating thereto: with the by-laws and regulations of the institution, and those of the Bloomingdale Asylum for the Insane

84. Regulations of the Board of Health of the City of Washington: with the rules of order and order of business, to which is appended the "Act regulating the appointment, powers, &c. of the Board of Health"

89. Corpus luteum: its value as evidence of conception, and its relation to legal medicine, with the characteristics of the true and false : being an attempt to reconcile the conflicting opinion of writers of the recent discoveries in the physiology of the ovaries

92. Three memoirs on the developement and structure of the teeth and epithelium: read at the Ninth Annual Meeting of the British Association for the Encouragement of Science, held at Birmingham, in August, 1839 : with diagrams exhibited in illustration of them

95. Demonology & witchcraft, no. 2

96. Demonology & witchcraft, no. 4

97. Demonology & witchcraft, no. 6