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23302. Two cases of epilepsy

23303. A case of congenital tremor

23317. The use of antitoxic serum in the treatment of diptheria under the supervision of the New York City Health Department: with a résumé of the published reports of the subject

23320. Fractured ribs in the aged

23323. A case of uremia, with high temperature

23332. An undescribed heart-murmur

23335. The metric system

23350. A case of rhinophyma: operation

23354. Abridged therapeutics: founded upon histology & cellular pathology : with an appendix, giving special directions for the application of the inorganic cell salts, and indications of the underlying condition of morbid states of tissue : biochemic method of successfully treating disease

23359. Bertram Brown Papers

23377. Disqualifications for Military Service in the United States

23379. Nomenclature of Diseases

23380. Chart IV: Phthisis Pulmonalis

23381. Chart II: Syphilis

23382. Chart XIV: Hernia

23383. Chart XXXIV: Disease

23384. Chart XXVI: Syphilis

23385. Chart XXVII: Phthisis Pulmonalis

23386. Chart XXXVII: Phthisis Pulmonalis

23387. Chart XL: Hernia

23388. Chart XLI: Syphilis

23389. Chart LVI: Disease

23390. Maps-Plate VI: Phthisis Pulmonalis

23391. Maps-Plate XI: Hernia

23392. Maps-Plate IV: Syphilis

23393. Form E - USSC examination questions (early series)

23394. Form EE - USSC examination questions (later series)

23395. Classification of disease cases in the volunteer army

23396. Diseases and Casualties of the Army Statistically Classified

23397. Table of Mean Heights at Each Age, by States of Enlistment

23398. Classification of nativities in USSC statistical tables

23399. Tables of hair color of soldiers examined

23400. Tables of eye color of soldiers examined