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3. An account of the extraordinary abstinence of Ann Moor, of Tutbury, Staffordshire, England: who has for more than three years, lived entirely without food ; giving the particulars of her life to the present time, an account of the investigation instituted on the occasion, and observations on the letters of some medical men who attended it

7. The anatomist

8. Aristotle's master-piece, completed: in two parts : the first containing the secrets of generation, in all the parts thereof ... : the second part being a private looking glass for the female sex : treating of various maladies of the womb, and of all other distempers incident to women of all ages, with proper remedies for the cure of each

18. A dissertation on the proximate cause of inflammation: with an attempt to establish a rational plan of cure : submitted to the examination of John Andrews, D.D. Provost, the Trustee, and Medical Professors of the University of Pennsylvania, on the twenty-fifth of April, 1811 : for the degree of doctor of medicine

19. Domestic medicine : or, A treatise on the prevention and cure of diseases, by regimen and simple medicines: with an appendix, containing a dispensatory for the use of private practitioners : to which are added, Observations on diet ... : also, Advice to mothers, on the subject of their own health, and of the means of promoting the health, strength, and beauty of their offspring

22. The examination of a young surgeon

32. An inaugural dissertation on the use of the Digitalis purpurea in the cure of certain diseases: submitted to the public examination of Samuel Bard, M.D. President ; the vice-president and professors of the college of physicians under the authority of the university of the state of New-York, for the degree of doctor of medicine, on the fourteenth day of May, 1811

37. Letters concerning the diseases of the urethra

44. A Moral and Physical Thermometer

47. Observations on some of the principal diseases of the rectum and anus: particularly stricture of the rectum, the hemorrhoidal excrescence, and the fistula in ano

48. Observations on the changes of the air, and the concomitant epidemical diseases in the island of Barbadoes: to which is added, A treatise on the putrid bilious fever, commonly called the yellow fever, and such other diseases as are indigenous or endemial in the West India islands, or in the torrid zone

49. Observations on the climate in different parts of America: compared with the climate in corresponding parts of the other continent : to which are added, remarks on the different complexions of the human race ; with some account of the aborigines of America : being an introductory discourse to the History of North-Carolina

50. Observations on the establishment of the College of Physicians and Surgeons in the City of New-York, and the late proceedings of the regents of the university, relative to that institution: communicated in a letter to James S. Stringham, M.D. professor of chemistry in Columbia College

56. Practical observations on insanity: in which some suggestions are offered towards an improved mode of treating diseases of the mind, and some rules proposed which it is hoped may lead to a more humane and successful method of cure ; to which are subjoined remarks on medical jurisprudence as connected with diseased intellect

62. Sixteen introductory lectures, to courses of lectures upon the institutes and practice of medicine: with a syllabus of the latter : to which are added, two lectures upon the pleasures of the senses and of the mind, with an inquiry into their proximate cause : delivered in the University of Pennsylvania

68. A system of anatomy for the use of students of medicine

71. A treatise on a malignant epidemic, commonly called spotted fever: interspersed with remarks on the nature of fever in general, &c ; and an appendix, in which is republished a number of essays written by different authors on this epidemic,with the addition of original notes : containing also a few original and selected cases, with clinical remarks

75. A treatise on the process employed by nature in suppressing the hemorrhage from divided and punctured arteries: and on the use of the ligature ; concluding with observations on secondary hemorrhage ; the whole deduced from an extensive series of experiments, and illustrated by fifteen plates

77. A view of the diseases most prevalent in the United States of America: at different seasons of the year ; with an account of the most improved method of treating them ; being an abstact [sic] not only of the editor's own experience, but of the experience of several physicians ... residing in the different states ; including the substance of ... improvements that have been made in the treatment of similar diseases in other countries