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11. Characteristics of mentally ill patients in Michigan mental institutions, 1938-1939-1940-1941-1942

15. Data on Bureau of Communicable Diseases: presented to Maryland Legislative Council for hearing, September 18, 1942 at Baltimore, Maryland

17. Defects found in drafted men: statistical information compiled from the draft records, showing the physical condition of the men registered and examined in pursuance of the requirements of the Selective Service Act

24. Experiments on the effect of freezing and other low temperatures upon the viability of the bacillus of typhoid fever, with considerations regarding ice as a vehicle of infectious disease: Statistical studies on the seasonal prevalence of typhoid fever in various countries and its relation to seasonal temperature

25. Final report on Project no. 35 -- Determination of the optimum method for protection of tank crews against chemical warfare agents

28. First supplementary report on Project no. 30 -- Field test of acceptability and adequacy of U.S army C, K, 10-in-1 and Canadian army mess tin rations: subject: numerical requirements for statistically valid results in field test of acceptability of rations

38. Hospital and medical care for all our people: "a program of great hope, of almost infinite promise, and yet of great practicability" : reports of chairman and sub-committees of North Carolina Hospital and Medical Care Commission, 1944-45

42. Incidence of the venereal diseases in U.S. Army troops, January 1940-June 1947: (preliminary data, based on periodic summary reports)

61. Mortality of the Western hemisphere

64. New England, New York: tabulated statement of industries having highest priority rating, arranged according to communities together with hospital and medical facilities of those communities

72. Planning hospital services, Sullivan County, New York: a review of existing and needed hospital facilities and recommendations for future planning in Sullivan County, New York

77. Project no. 2 -- Operations at high temperatures. Report on sub-project no. 2-11, Influence of high temperatures upon the efficiency of personnel : sub-project no. 2-13, Effect of training upon the efficiency of performance at high temperatures : sub-project no. 2-17, Study of the physiologic effects of high temperatures : subject: the upper limits of environmental heat and humidity tolerated by acclimatized, normal, young men working in hot environments

78. Project no. 20 -- Studies of cold weather clothing. Report on sub-project 20-1, The effect of leakage from closures upon thermal protection (OQMG test number 57 I-A)

81. Public health and welfare in Japan

82. Public health in Indiana

85. Report no. 2 -- Operations at high temperatures. Sub-project 2-17 -- Report on thermal exchanges of man by evaporation, convection, and radiation as functions of temperature, water vapor pressure, and wind velocity

97. A report on investigation of the disease bearing mosquito hazard in California: submitted to the governor and to the Fifty-sixth Session of the California Legislature pursuant to Senate concurrent resolution no. 11

98. Report on pneumonia control program

100. Report on work for the relief and control of uncinariasis in southern United States from Jan.1, 1990 to June 30, 1915