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9053. Welcome to the Public Health, Demography & American Medicine Symposium: Lister Hill Center Auditorium, 22 May 1996

9054. The well-being of retirees: evidence using subjective data

9055. West Nile virus: 2004 expected to be most severe year yet

9059. What are the implications for Medicare of the American Health Care Act and the Better Care Reconciliation Act?

9060. What are the implications for Medicare of the American Health Care Act?

9061. What are the possible effects of failing to extend the community health center fund?

9062. What can Pennsylvania learn from Minnesota's program to prevent wrong-site surgery?

9065. What could U.S. budget cuts mean for global health?

9066. What could a Medicaid per capita cap mean for low-income people on Medicare?

9067. What difference does Medicaid make?: assessing cost effectiveness, access, and financial protection under Medicaid for low-income adults

9068. What do Americans think about their health coverage ahead of the 2020 election?: findings from the Commonwealth Fund Health Insurance in America Survey : March–June 2019

9070. What drives health care spending?: Can we know whether population aging is a 'red herring'?

9073. What explains temporal and geographic variation in the early US coronavirus pandemic?

9074. What explains variation in disability application rates across states?

9075. What factors explain the decline in widows' poverty?

9077. What happens to health benefits after retirement?

9078. What happens when people face unfair treatment or judgment when applying for public assistance or social services?

9080. What if the American Rescue Plan Act premium tax credits expire?: coverage and cost projections for 2023

9082. What is 'CLASS'?: and will it work?

9083. What is at stake for health and health care disparities under ACA repeal?

9084. What is at stake in ACA repeal and replace for people with HIV?

9085. What is behind the 8 percent drop in uninsurance: changes in CPS health insurance measurement and the effect on state policy

9087. What is the impact on enrollment and premiums if the duration of short-term health insurance plans is increased?

9091. What is the status of women's health and health care in the U.S. compared to ten other countries?

9093. What is “affordable” health care?: a review of concepts to guide policymakers

9094. What keeps facilities from implementing best practices to prevent wrong-site surgery?: barriers and strategies for overcoming them