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607. Price list

611. A prospect of exterminating the small pox: part II, being a continuation of a narrative of facts concerning the progress of the new inoculation in America : together with Practical observations on the local appearance, symptoms, and mode oftreating the variola vaccina, or kine pock : including some letters to the author, from distinguished characters, on the subject of this benign remedy : now passing with a rapid step through all ranks of society in Europe and America

612. A prospect of exterminating the small-pox, being the history of the Variolae vaccinae, or kine-pox, commonly called the cow-pox: as it has appeared in England : with an account of a series of inoculations performed for the kine-pox, in Massachusetts

614. The prudent housewife, or Compleat English cook: being a collection of the newest and least expensive receipes in cookery ... ; and new and infallible rules to be observed in pickling, preserving, brewing, &c ; to which are added, a treasure of valuable medicines, for the cure of every disorder

615. Quincy's Lexicon physico-medicum improved: or, A dictionary of the terms employed in medicine, and in such departments of chemistry, natural philosophy, literature, and the arts, as are connected therewith : containing ample explanations of the etymology, signification, and use of those terms : from the 11th London edition : with many amendments and additions, expressive of discoveries lately made in Europe and America : copy-right secured

616. [The brain exposed from above]

625. A reply to Dr. Haygarth's "Letter to Dr. Percival, on infectious fevers": and his "Address to the College of Physicians at Philadelphia, on the prevention of the American pestilence," exposing the medical, philosophical, and literary errors of that author, and vindicating the right which the faculty of the United States have to think and decide for themselves, respecting the diseases of their own country, uninfluenced by the notions of the physicians of Europe

627. A report of an action for a libel: brought by Dr. Benjamin Rush, against William Cobbett, in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, December term, 1799, for certain defamatory publications in a news-paper, entitled Porcupine's gazette, of which the said William Cobbett was editor

638. The Royal College of Physicians

641. Safe Cure

654. [Shiloh Shelter]

655. A short account of the salutary effect of Doctor Launey's medico condensed air: describing a few only of the disorders which have been cured thereby : together with a description of the beginning, the process and actual state of the complaints of the respective patients when they applied to the medical apparatus for relief

657. A short practical narrative of the diseases which prevailed among the American seamen, at Wampoa in China: in the year 1805 : with some account of diseases which appeared among the crew of the ship New-Jersey, on the passage from thence, to Philadelphia : submitted as an inaugural dissertation, to the examination of the Rev. J. Andrews ..., the Trustees and medical professors of the University of Pennsylvania, on the tenth day of April, 1807 : for the degree of Doctor of Medicine

660. A sketch of the medical topography of Lexington and its vicinity: being an inaugural dissertation, submitted to the examination of the Rev. John Andrews ..., the Trustees, and medical faculty of the University of Pennsylvania, on the 21st day of April, 1806, for the degree of Doctor of Medicine

661. A sketch of the rise and progress of the yellow fever, and of the proceedings of the Board of Health, in Philadelphia, in the year 1799: to which is added, a collection of facts and observations respecting the origin of the yellow fever in this country ; and a review of the different modes of treating it

663. [Smoking opium]

664. Soapine

668. The spleen, and other poems

672. The student's chemical pocket companion

673. The student's chemical pocket companion

674. Studies of nature

675. Studies of nature (Volume 1)

676. Studies of nature (Volume 2)

677. Studies of nature (Volume 3)

678. The substance of a report, read before the Georgia Medical Society, by a committee of its members, February 4, 1809: in obedience to the following resolution : "That a committee of three persons be appointed to report ... on the injurious consequences, which result to the inhabitants of Savannah, from the cultivation of the contiguous low grounds in rice ; and what would be the probable effects that would arise, from a change in the mode of their cultivation" ; published at the request of the citizens of Savannah

683. Surrey Institution

684. A system of surgery

685. A system of surgery

686. A system of surgery

687. A system of surgery (Volume 1)

688. A system of surgery (Volume 2)

689. A system of surgery (Volume 3)

690. A system of surgery (Volume 4)

694. Taking Physick

695. Taking physick