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32. [Boxing]

35. By-laws of the Worcester District Medical Society: with a list of members, and a copy of such by-laws of the Massachusetts Medical Society as have special reference to the district societies

36. Carbolic acid soaps

41. [Castle Garden]

43. [Characters of New York]

47. [Chinese Quarters]

55. The complete herbalist, or, The people their own physicians, by the use of nature's remedies: showing the great curative properties of all herbs, gums, balsams, barks, flowers, and roots, how they should be prepared, when and under what influences selected, at what time gathered, and for what diseases administered : also separate treatises on food and drinks, clothing, exercise, the regulation of the passions, life, health and disease, longevity, medication, air and sunshine, bathing, sleep, etc. : also symptoms of prevalent diseases, special treatment in special cases, and a new and plain system of hygienic principles

56. A comprehensive medical dictionary: containing the pronunciation, etymology, and signification of the terms made use of in medicine and the kindred sciences : with an appendix, comprising a complete list of all the more important articles of the materia medica, arranged according to their medicinal properties : also an explanation of the Latin terms and phrases occurring in anatomy, pharmacy, etc. together with the necessary directions for writing Latin prescriptions, etc. etc

61. Constitution and by-laws of the Medical Society of the District of Columbia: with the Act of incorporation and list of members

62. Constitution and laws, to which is annexed a brief history of the Society, and a complete list of members and benefactors

83. The discoveries and unparalleled experience of Prof. R. Leonidas Hamilton, M.D., with regard to the nature and treatment of diseases of the liver, lungs, blood, and other chronic diseases: containing also, a biographical sketch of his life (from Harper's Magazine) with his common sense theory of diseases and the evidence of his wonderful cures

87. Dr. Chase's recipes, or, information for everybody: an invaluable collection of about eight hundred practical recipes for merchants, grocers, saloon-keepers, physicians, druggists, tanners, shoe makers, harness makers, painters, jewelers, blacksmiths, tinners, gunsmiths, farriers, barbers, bakers, dyers, renovators, farmers, and families generally : to which have been added a rational treatment of pleurisy, inflammation of the lungs, and other inflammatory diseases, and also for general female debility and irregularities : all arranged in their appropriate departments

93. [A ferry and its passengers]

99. First elements of vital power: how they were originally generated, and why those original elements are still indispensable to the production and reproduction of vitality in the human economy : an entirely original and startling exposé of important mistakes that underlie the teachings of "medical science" (so called)