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3. Nobel Laureate Predicts Medical Discoveries

4. A Structure for DNA (draft)

5. A Structure for DNA (draft)

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11. The Structure of DNA

12. Structure and Function of DNA

14. The Structure of the Synthetic alpha-Polypeptides

15. The Complementary Structure of DNA

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17. The Structure of Collagen

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19. Virus Structure: General Principles

20. The Structure of DNA

21. Codes Without Commas

22. X-Ray Analysis and Protein Structure

23. X-Ray Diffraction of Protein Crystals

24. The Structure of Collagen

26. On Protein Synthesis

27. The Present Position of the Coding Problem

28. DNA

29. The Molecular Structure of Polyadenylic Acid

30. The Theory of Mutagenesis [Editorial letter]

31. General Nature of the Genetic Code for Proteins

32. Towards the Genetic Code

33. On the Genetic Code

34. The Theory of Inter-allelic Complementation

35. General Nature of the Genetic Code

36. Codon-Anticodon Pairing: The Wobble Hypothesis

38. Origin of the Genetic Code [Editorial letter]

39. The Croonian Lecture, 1966: The Genetic Code

40. UGA: A Third Nonsense Triplet in the Genetic Code

42. The Origin of the Genetic Code

43. On Running a Summer School

44. Diffusion in Embryogenesis

45. DNA: Test of Structure? [Editorial letter]

46. Central Dogma of Molecular Biology

47. Molecular Biology in the Year 2000

48. The Scale of Pattern Formation