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301. Boston, September 5, 1810: Sir, the medical institution, which has heretofore existed in Cambridge, has lately undergone such important alterations, that we have presumed some information of its actual arrangements might be agreeable to you and useful to some of your friends

303. Address of the trustees of the University of Maryland, concerning the Medical Department of the institution, with an appendix containing the regulations for admission and graduation, the subjects taught by each professor, mode of instruction, &c., &c

305. Report of a committee appointed to draft a plan for the organization of a new medical college

306. La Junta Provisional Gubernativa de las Provincias del Rio de la Plata, por el Sr. D. Fernando VII: por quanto esta Junta tiene por conveniente recordar á los habitantes de esta capital, las disposiciones concernientes, á la policía de ella

309. Practical essay on typhous fever

313. Marriage, birth, and death returns: copy of sections of the law defining duties of clergymen, coroners, physicians, midwives, undertakers, etc

315. Case of notencephale: with engravings

327. Real establecimiento de un monte pio á favor de las viudas, hijos y madres de los cirujanos del exército, y catedráticos de los Reales Colegios de Cirugía

329. Dirigo á V. [blank] exemplares de bando que inserta la Real Cédula de 27 de Octubre de 1798, en que S M. declara expedita á los vasallos de estos dominios la accion de ocurrir á los magistrados y tribunales que expresa en todas las causas de que pueden y deben conocer los Protomedicatos de Indias

330. Emmo. Señor: Con esta fecha comunico al Señor Ministro de Gracia y Justicia la Real Orden siguiente: "Exmô. Señor: Sin embargo de que por la Real Orden de 31 de Octubre de 1781 están decididas expresamente todas las dudas que puedan ocurrir sobre los derechos parroquiales que competen á los Capellanes de los Buques de la Real Armada, se suscitan estas en todos los casos y Pueblos en términos que se hace necesario repetirla sin necesidad ..."

331. [El cólera]

334. A compendium of picturesque anatomy: adapted to the arts of designing, painting, sculpture, and engraving on four portfolio lithographic plates in which are combined the osteology and myology of the human figure, in a manner especially adapted to the obtaining a correct knowledge of the effects of motion on external form : with a copious letter-press exposition calculated for professors, amateurs and students in the fine arts

336. On animal magnetism

339. Ardent spirits--midshipmen: letter from the Secretary of the Navy, transmitting opinions of surgeons of the navy, in relation to allowing to the midshipmen of the navy of the United States, ardent spirits as a part of their rations

340. An inaugural dissertation on permanent strictures of the urethra: submitted to the public examination of the trustees and professors of the College of Physicians and Surgeons in the University of the State of New-York, Samuel Bard, M.D., president, for the degree of doctor of medicine, on the 1st day of May, 1815

341. An inaugural dissertation on the use of Digitalis purpurea, or purple foxglove, in the cure of diseases: submitted to the public examination of the faculty of physic under the authority of the trustees of Columbia College, in the State of New-York ; the Right Rev., Benjamin Moore, D.D. President ; for the degree of doctor of physic, on the 4th of May, 1802

344. An inaugural dissertation on the yellow fever: submitted to the public examination of the Faculty of Physic under the authority of the Trustees of Columbia College, in the State of New-York, The Right Rev. Bemjamin Moore ..., for the degree of Doctor of Physic, on the 8th day of November, 1803

345. An act to incorporate the members of the New-York Institution for the Instruction of the Deaf and Dumb: passed April 15, 1819 [i.e. 1817] ; to which is added, the by-laws, and the names and residence of the officers and directors ; also, the directors arranged into committees, and a list of the pupils

351. Systematized anatomy, or, Human organography: in synoptical tables, with numerous plates : for the use of universities, faculties and schools of medicine and surgery, academies of painting, sculpture, and the Royal Colleges

352. Marine hospital fund, miscellaneous claims: letter from the Secretary of the Treasury, transmitting statements of the expenditures for the marine hospital fund, and of miscellaneous claims, from July 1, 1847, to June 30, 1848

354. Metodo curativo de la cólera morbo

361. Manuel González Cosío, Gobernador constitucional del Estado libre de Zacatecas, á sus habitantes, sabed: que los CC diputados secretarios del honorable congreso del mismo, me han comunicado el decreto que sigue

363. Antonio Escovedo, Gobernador constitucional del Departamento de Jalisco, á todos sus habitantes, sabed: que El Sr. Presidente de la Exma. Junta Departamental con fecha 14 del corriente ha dirigido á este gobierno el decreto que sigue

365. Aviso

367. Metodo curativo del colera morbo

371. The Genuine Liquid Opodeldoc or, rheumatic ointment: faithfully prepared and sold by David and John Henshaw, (Late Rice, Henshaw & Co.,) Druggists, No. 33, India Street ... Boston : where may also be had all kinds of medicine, paints and dye-stuffs on very favourable terms

372. Apología del método con que han curado los medicos de Lima la epidemia que se ha padecido en ella por todo el estío del presente año de 1818: publicado en la Gazeta de Gobierno del martes 10 de marzo, y contestacion a la critica que contra dicho metodo dió a luz en la misma gazeta el miercoles 9 de abril Don Joaquín Solano, profesor de la Real Armada

377. Account of the Asylum for the Relief of Persons Deprived of the Use of their Reason, near Frankford, Pennsylvania: with the statistics of the institution from its foundation to the 31st 12th month, 1838

381. Sebre Gustin, Jr., surgeon dentist, of Chelsea, Vt., would respectfully inform the citizens of [blank] that he has taken rooms at [blank] where he is prepared to perform any operation on the teeth requiring his professional skill, or he will visit at their dwellings, those who wish his services, if preferred

400. Phrenology proved, illustrated and applied: accompanied by a chart : embracing an analysis of the primary, mental powers in their various degrees of development, the phenomena produced by their combined activity, and the location of the phrenological organs in the head : together with a view of the moral and theological bearing of the science