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407. Dr. Chase's recipes, or, Information for everybody: an invaluable collection of about eight hundred practical recipes for merchants, grocers, saloon-keepers, physicians, druggists ... and families generally : to which have been added a ratiional treatment of pleurisy, inflammation of the lungs, and other inflammatory diseases, and also for general female debility and irregularities : all arranged in their appropriate departments


409. Plain home talk about the human system: the habits of men and women, the causes and prevention of disease, our sexual relations and social natures : embracing medical common sense applied to causes, prevention, and cure of chronic diseases, the natural relations of men and women to each other, society, love, marriage, parentage etc., etc


411. A haunted house


419. Old Doctor Carlin's recipes: being a complete collection of recipes on every known subject, as selected from the mss. of old Doctor William Carlin of Bedford, England : together with additions by the American editor on various subjects, embracing also a department for the household of most thoroughly tried recipes, a treatise on bees, a treatise on poultry, etc. : being the latest and most reliable collection of recipes for the farm, the household, the sick room, the kitchen


423. The medical companion, or family physician: treating of the diseases of the United States, with their symptoms, cause, cure, and means of prevention, common cases in surgery, as fractures, dislocations, &c., the management and diseases of women and children : a dispensatory for preparing family medicines, and a glossary explaining technical terms, to which are added a brief anatomy and physiology of the human body, showing, on rational principles, the cause and cure of diseases : an essay on hygiene, or the art of preserving health without the aid of medicine, also the nurse's guide


430. Gunn's new family physician, or, Home book of health: forming a complete household guide, giving many valuable suggestions for avoiding disease and prolonging life, with plain directions in case of energency, and pointing out in familiar language the causes, symptoms, treatment and cure of diseases incident to men, women, and children with the simplest and best remedies : presenting a manual for nursing the sick, and describing minutely the properties and uses of hundreds of well-known medicinal plants : with supplementary treatises on anatomy, physiology, and hygiene, on domestic and sanitary economy, and on physical culture and development


434. Offene Volks-Sprache über das Menschensystem: die Gewohnheiten der Männer und Frauen, die Ursachen und Verhütung der Krankheiten, unsere geschlechtlichen Beziehungen und sociales Leben : und gesunder Menschen-Verstand, erläuternd Ursachen, Verhütung und Heilung chronischer Krankheiten, die natürlichen gegenseitigen Beziehungen der Männer und Frauen-Gesellschaft, Liebe, Ehe, Elternstand, u.s.w, u.s.w


450. Hygiene for girls