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202. Legislation on insanity: a collection of all the lunacy laws of the states and territories of the United States to the year 1883, inclusive : also the laws of England on insanity, legislation in Canada on private houses, and important portions of the lunacy laws of Germany, France, etc

209. Marriage, birth, and death returns: copy of sections of the law defining duties of clergymen, coroners, physicians, midwives, undertakers, etc

211. Medical legislation

223. Minutes of the proceedings of the committee, appointed on the 14th September, 1793, by the citizens of Philadelphia, the Northern Liberties and the District of Southwark, to attend to and alleviate the sufferings of the afflicted with the malignant fever, prevalent, in the city and its vicinity: with an appendix

226. Mr. Casey Young, on leave, introduced the following bill, A Bill to Prevent the Introduction of Infectious or Contagious Diseases into the United States, and to Establish a Board of Health

231. Mr. Rosencrans introduced the following bill, A Bill to Increase the Efficiency of the Marine Hospital Service

240. An ordinance regulating public markets, and repealing Chapters 15, 70, 71, 72, 73 and 74 of the Revised ordinances of 1878: Fire limits ordinance ; An ordinance to repeal Chapter 85 of the Revised ordinances of 1871, and all ordinances amendatory thereof or supplementary thereto

249. The organization, powers and duties of local boards of health: the State Board of Health invites the attention of local Boards of Health in towns, villages and cities to this recently amended statute, defining the powers and duties of local Sanitary Officers : an Act for the Preservation of the Public Health

252. El Presidente del Estado de Guatemala, se ha servido dirijirme el decreto que sigue: el Presidente del Estado Guatemala : por cuanto la Asamblea Constituyente del mismo estado ha tenido á bien emitir el siguiente decreto : num. 110

254. Proposed legislation on the adulteration of food and medicine: rough draft of a proposed law to prevent the adulteration of food and medicine, and to create a state board of health, with explanations and illustrations of the principal points of the law

264. Real establecimiento de un monte pio á favor de las viudas, hijos y madres de los cirujanos del exército, y catedráticos de los Reales Colegios de Cirugía

276. Reglamento que se deduce del expediente formado por mí sobre establecer una Casa, ú Hospital de Convalecencia para la tropa, extramuras de Veracruz: en el parage nombrado los moralillos, inmediato á los ranchos que llaman de la virgen, y de Moreno, distante does leguas de la ciudad

280. Regulations for the order and discipline of the troops of the United States: to which is added, an appendix, containing the United States militia act, passed in Congress, May, 1792 ; and the act for forming and regulating the militia in New-Hampshire

297. Rules and regulations adopted by the Managers of the New York State Lunatic Asylum, at Utica: also, the act for the organization of said asylum, and more effectually to provide for the care, maintenance, and recovery of the insane, passed April 7, 1842 : together with title 3, chap. 20, of the first part of the revised statutes, relating to the safe keeping and care of lunatics