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1. Trial of John Hendrickson, Jr., for the murder of his wife Maria, by poisoning: at Bethlehem, Albany County, N.Y., March 6th, 1853 : tried in the court of oyer and terminer, at Albany, N.Y., in June and July, 1853

28. Esoteric anthropology

29. Intermarriage, or, The mode in which, and the causes why, beauty, health and intellect result from certain unions, and deformity, disease and insanity from others : demonstrated by delineations of the structure and forms and descriptions of the functions and capacities, which each parent, in every pair, bestows on children : in conformity with certain natural laws, and by an account of corresponding effects in the breeding of animals

38. The practical family dentist: a popular treatise on the teeth, exhibiting the means necessary and efficient to secure their health and preservation : also, the various and pernicious practices which prevail in relation to dental treatment : with a variety of useful receipts for remedial compounds, designed for diseases of the teeth and gums

46. The milk trade in New York and vicinity: giving an account of the sale of pure and adulterated milk -- the daily and yearly consumption -- the amount of property invested in the business -- the milk-dealers and dairymen of Orange and other counties -- injurious effects of impure milk on children -- advice to country dairymen

47. A manual of obstetrics

53. On diseases of the liver

61. Woman's medical guide: containing essays on the physical, moral and educational development of females, and the homeopathic treatment of their diseases in all periods of life : together with directions for the remedial use of water and gymnastics

67. Report of the Select Committee of the U.S. Senate (thirty-second Congress, second session) on the Subject of Anaesthesia: with remarks of J.P. Walker

77. Statements, supported by evidence, of Wm. T.G. Morton, M.D., on his claim to the discovery of the anaesthetic properties of ether: submitted to the honorable the Select Committee appointed by the Senate of the United States, 32d Congress, 2d session, January 21, 1853

80. Fracture tables

82. Medical morals, illustrated with plates and extracts from medical works: designed to show the pernicious social and moral influence of the present system of medical practice, and the importance of establishing female medical colleges, and educating and employing female physicians for their own sex

87. A clinical phrase book in English and German: containing the usual questions & answers employed in examining and prescribing for patients, questions in asking for and buying medicines, etc. : with an English-German and German-English pronouncing lexicon of all the words occuring in the phrases, with the chief technical terms of medical writers and apothecaries : grammatical appendix, table of idioms, &c. designed to aid physicians and surgeons in hospitals, alms-house and private practice, also, druggists and pharmaceutists in dispensing their prescriptions

90. The complete practical distiller: comprising the most perfect and exact theoretical and practical description of the art of distillation and rectification : including all of the most recent improvements in distilling apparatus : instructions for preparing spirits from the numerous vegetables, fruits, &c. : directions for the distillation and preparation of all kinds of brandies and other spirits, spiritous and other compounds, etc. etc. : all of which is so simplified that it is adapted not only to the use of extensive distillers, but for every farmer, or others who may wish to engage in the art of distilling

91. Petition of the Medical Faculty of the University of the City of New-York to the honorable the [sic] Senate and Assembly of the state of New-York, for the legalization of anatomy: also, an introductory lecture delivered at the opening of the Medical Department of the University, for session 1853-4, and entitled An appeal to the people of the state of New-York, to legalise the dissection of the dead

100. Homoeopathic domestic medicine