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301. [Human skeleton]

302. [Anatomy of the human body]

303. [Trephining]

304. [The Four Temperaments]

305. [Head surgery]

306. [Head surgery]

309. [Human skull and an hourglass]

310. Universalis Figura Capitis, Humani

311. [Anatomy of the human head]

312. [Muscles of the human body]

313. [Anatomy of the abdomen]

314. [Muscles of the human body]

316. [Anatomy of a skeleton]

317. [Anatomy of a skeleton]

318. [Anatomy of a skeleton]

319. [The pleasures of food and drink]

320. Dieu Et Mon Droyt: Compendiosa

321. [Adam and Eve figures]

322. [The brain]

323. Colericus .2

324. Flegmaticus .3

326. [L'avare]

327. [Birth of Adonis]

331. [Saint John healing a widow]

335. Melencolia I

337. Hyacum, Et Lues Venerea

338. Melancolicus .4