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51. [Arteries of the arms and legs]

53. [Arteries of the arm]

55. [Anatomy of the female body]

56. [Muscles and bones]

57. [Muscle plates]

58. [Muscle plates]

62. [Woman being bled by a barber surgeon]

68. [Anatomy - History]

69. [Gathering cinnamon bark in India]

70. [Gathering frankincense in Arabia]

71. [Gathering pepper in India]

72. [A sanguine encounter]

73. [An aggressive advance]

74. [Indecision boardering on apathy]

75. [A melancholic encounter]

80. [Anatomy of the brain]

84. [Albertus Magnus teaching four pupils]

86. [Wound Man]

87. [The flaying of Saint Bartholomew]

89. [Martyrdom of Saint Sebastion]

91. [Venous system of the thorax]

92. [Distillation apparatus]

93. [Herbal medicines in a variety of containers]

94. [Containers of different kinds of syrups]

95. [Dislocations]

96. [Dislocations]

97. [Eye]

98. [Dislocations]

99. [Orthopedic apparatus]

100. [Bandages & Bandaging]