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1. Embryonic development

10. Éléphans

11. Hippopotame

13. Animale regnum

14. Qvadrupedia

15. Aves

18. [Vertebrae]

27. The evolution of man

28. The origin of the fittest by E.D. Cope

30. [Reptiles]

31. [Hominidae]

32. [Characeae]

33. [Fungi]

36. [Amphioxus and ascidian]

37. [Sponges and anemone]

40. Evolution of life by Henry C. Chapman

43. [Expression of emotions]

45. Bolabola

46. Natural theology

47. Natural theology

50. The douroucoule, Simia trivergata

54. [Series of embryos]

62. Lectures on evolution by Thomas H. Huxley

67. [Dogs]

72. [Down House]

73. English carrier

83. Insectivorous plants by Charles Darwin

95. Fishes