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10. Coupe frontales de la face

15. [Caesarean methods]

19. [Mastectomy]

25. [Dental chair]

28. Oculaire Royal

32. Negres Filant et roulant le Tabac

33. [Title page with vignette of Hermes]

34. Tsoë-Bosi

35. Tsoë-Bosi

36. [Anatomical view of pregnant woman]

37. Hydropisie abdominale

43. [Gathering cinnamon bark in India]

44. [Gathering frankincense in Arabia]

45. [Gathering pepper in India]

46. Euphraise

48. Stramoine

49. Pavot

55. [Anatomy of the brain]

59. Plan D'Épidaure

60. [Plain of Hieron at Epidaurus]

61. [Facade of Temple of Aesculapius]

62. [Aristotle contemplating nature]

63. De l'Hermodacte

66. [Battlefield scene with cavalry]

67. [A bountiful harvest for Death]

68. [Dance of death]

70. [Cavalry charging into battle]

73. [Toilet disguised as books]

74. [Public toilets]

80. [Anatomical lesson]

84. [An allegorical scene depicting beauty]

88. Lypémaniaque

89. Lypémaniaque

90. Démonomaniaque

91. Aliéné en démence

93. Maniaque

94. Idiot

95. Idiot

96. Idiot

98. De la Licorne

99. Du Bezoar

100. De la Vipere