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5. "Acting bigger" by partnering with government

11. "Consumer-directed" health plans: implications for health care quality and cost

16. "Doctor Jones" says -

37. The "One Care" Program at Commonwealth Care Alliance: partnering with Medicare and Medicaid to improve care for nonelderly dual eligibles

52. "We shall travel on": quality of care, economic development, and the international migration of long-term care workers

54. $4 Million for Unsought NIH Study

61. 'Creation of Life' Is More Slogan Than a Description

62. 'Criminal Genetic Types' Pose a Research Dilemma

64. 'Eradication' of Smallpox Shouldn't End Containment

65. 'Gene' Patenting

66. 'Good Food' to One Human May Half-Starve Another

67. The 'Heart Gap' Will Cause Soul Ache

68. The 'Mysterious' Computer Will Not Abet Witch-Hunts

72. 'Playmate' Shows Problems in Studying the Emotions

73. A 'Pure' Organic Chemist's Downward Path

82. 10 things to know about Medicaid: setting the facts straight

88. 1500 prescriptions of all kinds, right and wrong: selected from prescription files, journals, formularies, pharmacopoeias, and medical works, illustrating correct and incorrect construction, Latinity, abbreviations, doses, and pharmacy, and covering all the principal forms in which medicines are commonly administered : intended as an aid to pharmaceutical teachers, students, and examiners

91. 17 Countries Top the U. S. in Low Infant Mortalities