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2. A contribution to the hypodermic ergot treatment of uterine myomata: large interstitial myoma, complete disappearance after ergot hypodermically, speedy pregnancy, return of tumor, abortion, septicemia, death, remarks

7. "Acting bigger" by partnering with government

8. "Addicts on Probation" (typed copy)

15. "Consumer-directed" health plans: implications for health care quality and cost

16. "Controlling Drug Addiction"

21. "Doctor Jones" says -

23. "Dr. Ogden Acquitted of 3 Charges"

24. "Dr. Ogden's Counsel Calls 28 Witnesses"

26. "Drug Addiction as a Public Health Problem" (typed copy)

27. "Drug Addiction in its Relation to Crime" (typed copy)

31. "Experts Begin Testimony at Ogden Trial"

32. "Experts Gather as Trial for Ogden Opens"

41. "Hospital Treatment of the Narcotic Addict"

49. "Loisette" exposed: (Marcus Dwight Larrowe, alias Silas Holmes, alias Alphonse Loisette) : together with Loisette's complete system of physiological memory, the instantaneous art of never forgetting : to which is appended a bibliography of mnemonics, 1325-1888

52. "Marihuana" (typed copy)

54. "Medical Panel Taking Stand for Ogden"

59. "Ogden Cleared on 3 Charges, Free on 4th"

61. The "One Care" Program at Commonwealth Care Alliance: partnering with Medicare and Medicaid to improve care for nonelderly dual eligibles

72. "Post-War Psychiatric Perspectives"

74. "Prevention and Control of Narcotic Addiction"

75. "Problems in Handling Narcotic Addicts"

82. "Survey of the Narcotic Problem"

86. "The Drug Addiction Muddle"

87. "The Kolb Classification of Drug Addicts"

88. "The Narcotic Addict: His Treatment" (typed copy)

90. "The Obliteration of the Craving for Narcotics"

91. "The Peril of Narcotic Drugs"

95. "Types and Characteristics of Drug Addicts" (typed copy)

98. "We shall travel on": quality of care, economic development, and the international migration of long-term care workers

100. $4 Million for Unsought NIH Study