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10. A short history of science

12. An introduction to chemical German

16. Organon of medicine

17. Maintaining health

29. Rules to be observed in the care and management of quarantine, isolation and disinfection: instructions for the regulation of quarantine, isolation and disinfection in the sevaral communicable diseases

34. Report on work for the relief and control of uncinariasis in southern United States from Jan.1, 1990 to June 30, 1915

39. The tropics: their resources, people, and future : a description of the tropical lands of Africa, Asia, Central and South America, Australasia and the Pacific; their natural products, scenery, inhabitants and industries, and the possibilities of their future development

46. Report of Washington State Board of Health upon House Bill 211, of the eleventh legislature, 1909 relative to the establishment of a sanitorium for the care and treatment of indigent consumptives

63. The principles of psychology (Volume 1)

64. The principles of psychology

65. The principles of psychology (Volume 2)

68. Sex secrets

73. Pneumonia

96. Antiblastic Immunity

99. Oswald Avery's Certificate of Naturalization

100. Letter from Oswald T. Avery to Minnie Wandell