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3. "Addicts on Probation" (typed copy)

7. "Controlling Drug Addiction"

8. "Doctor Jones" says -

10. "Drug Addiction as a Public Health Problem" (typed copy)

11. "Drug Addiction in its Relation to Crime" (typed copy)

20. "Marihuana" (typed copy)

26. "Post-War Psychiatric Perspectives"

28. "Problems in Handling Narcotic Addicts"

31. "Survey of the Narcotic Problem"

33. "The Kolb Classification of Drug Addicts"

34. "The Narcotic Addict: His Treatment" (typed copy)

36. "The Obliteration of the Craving for Narcotics"

37. "The Peril of Narcotic Drugs"

39. "Types and Characteristics of Drug Addicts" (typed copy)

41. 's Drug news

46. A 2N-1 Chromosomal Chimera in Maize