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3. "Addicts on Probation" (typed copy)

7. "Controlling Drug Addiction"

8. "Doctor Jones" says -

10. "Drug Addiction as a Public Health Problem" (typed copy)

11. "Drug Addiction in its Relation to Crime" (typed copy)

19. "Marihuana" (typed copy)

24. "Post-War Psychiatric Perspectives"

26. "Problems in Handling Narcotic Addicts"

29. "Survey of the Narcotic Problem"

31. "The Kolb Classification of Drug Addicts"

32. "The Narcotic Addict: His Treatment" (typed copy)

34. "The Obliteration of the Craving for Narcotics"

35. "The Peril of Narcotic Drugs"

37. "Types and Characteristics of Drug Addicts" (typed copy)

43. A 2N-1 Chromosomal Chimera in Maize