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405. Infectious appendicitis

413. Insanity

416. The insurance of children: address of the Vice-President of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company before the Joint Committee on Insurance of the Massachusetts Legislature, March 20 and 21, 1895, on the bill to prohibit insurance of children under ten years of age

418. Insured lives as affected by gout

430. Key notes of health and a century of life: with simple, practical, and inexpensive methods of treating diseases of the heart, stomach, and kidneys and other chronic and nervous affections : the deadening influences of which usurp the best years of life, and too frequently cause sudden and premature death, giving the up-to-date methods of antidoting and curing the whiskey and tobacco habits, with many valuable formulae never before made public

435. Laryngeal neoplasms

438. Lead-palsy in children

440. Left hemiplegia: followed by loss of the deep and superficial reflexes, considerable muscular atrophy, marked anæsthesia in the distal portions of the limbs, loss of faradaic irritability, and reaction of degeneration of the muscles on the paralyzed side

456. Ludwig's angina

457. Lues venerea

462. Manual of childbed nursing

468. A manual of obstetrics

471. Massage and the original Swedish movements: their application to various diseases of the body : lectures before the training schools for nurses connected with the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, German Hospital, Woman's Hospital, Philadelphia Lying-In Charity Hospital, the Philadelphia Polyclinic and College for Graduates in Medicine, and the Kensington Hospital for Women, of Philadelphia

475. Medical hygiene, or, Cures for all diseases without drugs: including essays on testimony of leading drug doctors, my drug teachers, when to use drugs, John Wesley on hygienic medicine, the unity of disease, the diet cure, the water cure, valedictory address, my trip to Europe, if uncertain what to do, remedies of mental hygiene, child-birth without pain or danger, midwifery and infant nursing

485. Memoranda for the guidance of railroad officials, heallth officers, physicians and others, relative to what are "communicable diseases dangerous to the public health": with reference especially to Act 45, Laws of 1895

492. Merck's 1896 index: an encyclopedia for the physician and the pharmacist : stating the names and synonyms, source of origin, chemical nature and formulas, physical form, appearance, and properties, melting and boiling points, solubilities, gravities and percentage strengths, physiological effects, therapeutic uses, modes of administration and application, regular and maximum dosage, incompatibles, antidotes : special cautions, hints on keeping and handling, methods of testing, market values, etc., etc. of the chemicals and drugs used in medicine, in chemistry, and in the arts