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1. The 'Heart Gap' Will Cause Soul Ache

2. ACME Note AS-1: A Summary of the ACME System

3. ACME Note AS-2: A Summary of the ACME System

4. ACME Note CN-2: Configuration of Machine

5. ACME progress report

7. Adult Health Protection Act of 1966

10. Animals for Research

12. Autobiographical notes re: 1966

14. Backsliding in Science

16. Big Decisions on Big Boom

17. Bootlegging Flag to the Moon

18. The Brains of the Matter

20. Codon-Anticodon Pairing: The Wobble Hypothesis

21. The Computer, the Eye, the Soul

23. Costing Human Life--A Dilemma of Medical Progress

29. The Disaster of Idiocy

31. Don't Scrap Education Yet

32. Dr. D.S. Fredrickson Named Director of Heart Institute

35. Especially the Few

44. Grant review assignment sheet

52. A Hereditary Tummy-Ache?

53. Infectious Drug Resistance

55. Innovation Throws Us

56. Insight in a Hormone

58. The Issue of 'Bad Heredity'

59. J. Arthur Trudeau: Pioneer in Mental Retardation

62. Lederberg note re: Senator Lister Hill's bill

63. Left-Heart Bypass

70. Letter from Arthur M. Ross to Joshua Lederberg

71. Letter from Arthur M. Ross to Joshua Lederberg

75. Letter from Boris Ephrussi to Joshua Lederberg

82. Letter from D. J. P. Barker to Joshua Lederberg

84. Letter from D. O. McLaughry to Richard Hardwick

88. Letter from Edward L. Tatum to Francis Crick

89. Letter from Edward Novitski to Joshua Lederberg

90. Letter from Ernest Borek to Joshua Lederberg

91. Letter from Esther Lederberg to Manuel V. Ortega

92. Letter from Ethel W. Silver to Joshua Lederberg