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1. The dreadful earthquake and the fatal spotted fever: a funeral sermon and a funeral psalm, on the death of about ten or fifteen thousand of people killed by an earthquake on the twenty-sixth of March 1812, in South America : and on the deaths of an hundred killed in New-Hampshire it is expected in the same year, by the spotted fever


8. Reports to the St. Louis Medical Society on yellow fever: consisting of the report of the committee appointed to inquire into the relations of the epidemic of 1878 to the city of St. Louis, and a report on the meteorological conditions and etiology of yellow fever, and of certain other diseases associated with a high temperature, and on the treatment of yellow fever


9. Yellow fever: nature and epidemic character caused by meteorological influences, verified by the epidemics of Shreveport and Memphis in 1873, by that of Savannah in 1876, by the great epidemic of the Mississippi Valley in 1878, and (in the appendix) by the one of Memphis in 1879


19. A statement of the occurrences during a malignant yellow fever in the city of New-York, in the summer and autumnal months of 1819: and of the check given to its progress, by the measures adopted by the Board of Health : with a list of cases and names of sick persons, and a map of their places of residence within the infected and proscribed limits : with a view of ascertaining, by comparative arguments, whether the distemper was engendered by domestic causes, or communicated by human contagion from foreign ports


20. Observations on the epidemic of 1819, as it prevailed in a part of the city of Baltimore: comprising an accurate history of its origin, progress and effects, as far as they can be ascertained : to which are affixed, by way of appendix, some remarks on the medical treatment of the disease, as found successful in the hands of the most distinguished members of the profession


25. The history of the mild yellow fever which prevailed in the city of Natchez in 1848: with observations respecting its character and natural mode of cure : to which is appended from various authors descriptions and notices of that disease, of dengue, and of inflammation of the stomach and bowels


30. Étude médicale de quelques questions importantes pour la Louisiane: et exposé succinct d'une endémie paludéenne, de forme catarrhale, qui a sévi à la Nouvelle-Orléans, particulièrement sur les enfants, pendant l'épidémie de fièvre jaune de 1858


40. History of the yellow fever in New Orleans, during the summer of 1853: with sketches of the scenes of horror which occurred during the epidemic : descriptions and beautiful illustrations of Charity Hospital and the public cemeteries, and especially of Potter's Field, and the method of burying the dead in Cypress swamp : to which is added the names of all persons who contributed to the funds of the Howard Association, in all parts of the United States, and the amount contributed by each person, with the official report of the doings of that society, &c


50. Essai sur la fièvre jaune d'Amérique, ou considérations sur les causes, les symptômes, la nature et le traitement de cette maladie : avec l'histoire de l'épidemie de la Nouvelle-Orléans en 1822, et le résultat de nouvelles recherches d'anatomie pathologique, entreprises pour un déterminer le siége


52. Reseña histórica de la epidemia del Perú en los años de 1853, 54, 55 y 56: con notas y observaciones : seguida del tratamiento ó método curativo eficaz y sencillo contra la fiebre amarilla, tifus, y demas afecciones pestilenciales : puesto al alcance de todos, y propio para que las familias se curen sin necesidad de médico


54. Minutes of the proceedings of the Committee, appointed on the 14th September 1793 by the citizens of Philadelphia, the Northern Liberties, and the District of Southwark to attend to and alleviate the sufferings of the afflicted with the malignant fever, prevalent in the city and its vicinity: with an appendix


63. Sketches of epidemic diseases in the State of Vermont: from its first settlement to the year 1815 : with a consideration of their causes, phenomena, and treatment : to which is added Remarks on pulmonary consumption


77. Manuel González Cosío, Gobernador constitucional del Estado libre de Zacatecas, á sus habitantes, sabed: que los CC diputados secretarios del honorable congreso del mismo, me han comunicado el decreto que sigue


79. Aviso


80. Apología del método con que han curado los medicos de Lima la epidemia que se ha padecido en ella por todo el estío del presente año de 1818: publicado en la Gazeta de Gobierno del martes 10 de marzo, y contestacion a la critica que contra dicho metodo dió a luz en la misma gazeta el miercoles 9 de abril Don Joaquín Solano, profesor de la Real Armada


82. Circular


98. Report of the Jacksonville Auxiliary Sanitary Association, of Jacksonville, Florida: covering the work of the association during the yellow fever epidemic, 1888