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1. $4 Million for Unsought NIH Study

3. 'Creation of Life' Is More Slogan Than a Description

4. 'Criminal Genetic Types' Pose a Research Dilemma

6. 'Eradication' of Smallpox Shouldn't End Containment

7. 'Gene' Patenting

8. 'Good Food' to One Human May Half-Starve Another

9. The 'Heart Gap' Will Cause Soul Ache

10. The 'Mysterious' Computer Will Not Abet Witch-Hunts

12. 'Playmate' Shows Problems in Studying the Emotions

13. A 'Pure' Organic Chemist's Downward Path

17. 17 Countries Top the U. S. in Low Infant Mortalities

24. 1973-74 Annual Report, Lakes Area Regional Medical Program, Inc.

26. 1981: Molecular Genetics Comes of Age

30. 50 Years Ago: Bacterial Transformation

31. 64 triplets and complementary triplets

32. A-Weapons Must Be Limited If Used in South Vietnam

39. ACME Note AS-1: A Summary of the ACME System

40. ACME Note AS-2: A Summary of the ACME System

41. ACME Note CN-2: Configuration of Machine

42. AIDS Activist Frustrated

43. AIDS Adds to Ranks of Homeless

44. AIDS Care Costs to Hit $16 Billion

45. AIDS Facts Can't Wait

46. AIDS Panel Breaks Ranks, Backs Free Needles

47. AIDS Panel Criticizes Government

48. AIDS Panel Decries Response to Crisis

49. AIDS Panel Offers Critical Report

50. AIDS Panel Warns of Complacency, Unresponsive Health Care System