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3. Telemedicine in California: progress, challenges, and opportunities

4. Scope of practice laws in health care: rethinking the role of nurse practitioners

5. Whose data is it anyway?: expanding consumer control over personal health information

6. Scope of practice laws in health care: exploring new approaches for California

7. Specialty care in the safety net: efforts to expand timely access

8. Slowing Medi-Cal churn: counties collaborate to improve efficiency

9. Touchscreen check-in: kiosks speed hospital registration

11. Understanding common reasons for patient referrals in difficult-to-access specialties

12. Using Web technology for public program enrollment: assessing One-e-App in three California counties

13. An unprecedented opportunity: using federal stimulus funds to advance health IT in California

16. What California stands to gain: the impact of the stimulus package on health care

17. Strategic restructuring for community clinics: options and examples

18. Shifting ground: erosion of the delegated model in California

19. A tighter bond: California hospitals seek stronger ties with physicians

22. Privacy, security, and the Regional Health Information Organization

24. Racial, cultural, and ethnic factors affecting the quality of end-of-life care in California: findings and recommendations

27. SCHIP at the crossroads: California's options in responding to new federal funding conditions

29. Same disease, different care: how patient health coverage drives treatment patterns in California

30. Safety-net providers bring patients online: lessons from early adopters

31. Reducing ambulance diversion in California: strategies and best practices

33. Reinventing health care delivery: innovation and improvement behind the scenes

36. Review of access and quality of care in SCHIP using standardized national performance measures

37. Pharmacogenomics: a primer for policymakers

38. Fairfax County's commitment: a housing and health continuum for seniors : site visit report

41. The aging services network: accomplishments and challenges in serving a growing elderly population

46. Schedule H: new community benefit reporting requirements for hospitals

54. The role of ombudsmen in assuring quality for residents of long-term care facilities: straining to make ends meet

55. No free lunch?: current challenges facing National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs

60. Losing ground: how the loss of adequate health insurance is burdening working families : findings from the Commonwealth Fund Biennial Health Insurance Surveys, 2001-2007

61. Luther Midelfort Mayo Health System: laying tracks for success

62. Marshfield Clinic: health information technology paves the way for population health management

63. Mayo Clinic: multidisciplinary teamwork, physician-led governance, and patient-centered culture drive world-class health care

65. Children's behavioral health services in Baltimore: walking the continuum : site visit report

67. Squeezed: how costs for insuring families are outpacing income : a state-by-state analysis

68. Financing Medi-Cal's future: the growing role of health care-related provider fees and taxes

69. Four models bring specialty services to the safety net: enhancing scope of practice and referral efficiency

72. Gauging the progress of the National Health Information Technology Initiative: perspectives from the field

73. Geography is destiny: differences in health care among Medicare beneficiaries in the United States and California

74. Getting connected: the outlook for electronic prescribing in California

76. Health care in the express lane: retail clinics go mainstream

77. Health care without the doctor: how new devices and technologies aid clinicians and consumers

79. Helping patients plug in: lessons in the adoption of online consumer tools

80. Connecting kids to health coverage: evaluating the Child Health and Disability Prevention Gateway program

81. Evaluation of the Medi-Cal Plan/Practice Improvement Project: executive summary

82. A delicate balance: behavioral health, patient privacy, and the need to know

84. Expanding access to dental care through California's community health centers

85. Delivering care anytime, anywhere: telehealth alters the medical ecosystem

86. Equipped for efficiency: improving nursing care through technology

88. Do hospital characteristics drive clinical performance?: an analysis of standardized measures

89. Fewer and more specialized: a new assessment of physician supply in California

91. Federally qualified health centers and state health policy: a primer for California

93. Coverage matters: the role of insurance in access to dental care in California

95. Increasing access to dental care in Medicaid: does raising provider rates work?

97. Is California's hospital-based ED system eroding?

98. The impact of federal stimulus funds on community health centers in California

99. Is there a doctor in the house?: physician liability fears and quality of care in nursing homes

100. Improving end-of-life care in California's nursing homes