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5203. The effect of the nitrous vapour, in preventing and destroying contagion: ascertained, from a variety of trials, made chiefly by surgeons of His Majesty's Navy, in prisons, hospitals, and on board of ships : with an introduction respecting the nature of the contagion, which gives rise to the jail or hospital fever, and the various methods formerly employed to prevent or destroy this

5207. Asthma, its causes and treatment

5210. Questions of the Board of Health in relation to malignant cholera, with the answers of the special medical council: together with a report upon the causes of the cessation of cholera at Bellevue

5213. Description of the Missourium, or Missouri leviathan: together with its supposed habits, and Indian traditions concerning the location from whence it was exhumed : also, comparisons of the whale, crocodile, and Missourium, with the leviathan, as described in 41st chapter of the Book of Job

5219. Lecture on phrenology

5254. Medical inquiries and observations

5258. A dictionary of practical surgery: comprehending all the most interesting improvements, from the earliest times down to the present period : an account of the instruments, remedies and applications employed in surgery : the etymology and signification of the principal terms : ... forming together a "catalogue raisonné" of surgical literature

5259. The principles of midwifery: including the diseases of women and children

5261. First lines of the practice of physic

5262. First lines of the practice of physic

5265. The London medical dictionary: including, under distinct heads, every branch of medicine, viz. anatomy, physiology, and pathology, the practice of physic and surgery, therapeutics, and materia medica ; with whatever relates to medicine in natural philosophy, chemistry, and natural history

5266. The chirurgical works of Percivall Pott: with his last corrections : to which are added, a short account of the life of the author, a method of curing the hydrocele by injection, and occasional notes and observations

5268. A system of anatomy for the use of students of medicine

5271. A dictionary of arts and sciences

5280. Materia medica pura

5289. Medical inquiries and observations (Volume 1)

5290. Medical inquiries and observations (Volume 2)

5291. Medical inquiries and observations (Volume 3)

5292. Medical inquiries and observations (Volume 4)

5293. The hospital pupil's guide through London, in a seres [sic] of letters: from a pupil at St. Thomas's Hospital to his friend in the country ; recommending the best manner of a pupils employing his time, and interspersed with amusing anecdotes relative to the history and oeconomy of hospital's

5294. An inquiry into the history, nature, causes, and different modes of treatment, hitherto pursued in the cure of scrofula, pulmonary consumption, and cancer: the second edition ; to which is added an appendix