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8. Biomedical Knowledge Representation

10. Biomedical Knowledge Representation (pages 1-25)

16. Biomedical Knowledge Representation (pages 26-50)

17. Biomedical Knowledge Representation (pages 51-75)

20. The Collegiate Review

36. The Health Consequences of Smoking (Index)

38. The Health Consequences of Smoking (pages 1-25)

39. The Health Consequences of Smoking (pages 26-56)

56. A History of the Recombinant DNA Guidelines in the United States

57. How to Live with a Golden Helix

60. Interview With Joshua Lederberg

62. Interviews with Scientists

64. Is DNA Really a Double Helix?

67. Laboratory project: "Acetylcholine Receptors"

71. Letter from A. A. Hadjiolov to Joshua Lederberg

73. Letter from A. T. Ganesan to Joshua Lederberg

75. Letter from Aaron Klug to Francis Crick

76. Letter from Aaron Novick to Joshua Lederberg

77. Letter from Aaron Wildavsky to Joshua Lederberg

79. Letter from Akira Kimura to Joshua Lederberg

80. Letter from Alan Cranston to Joshua Lederberg

81. Letter from Alan J. Friedman to Joshua Lederberg

82. Letter from Albert Rothenberg to Joshua Lederberg

90. Letter from Andrew Maguire to Joshua Lederberg

91. Letter from Ann Landers to Joshua Lederberg

92. Letter from Ann Landers to Joshua Lederberg

94. Letter from Arthur B. Pardee to Benno C. Schmidt

95. Letter from Arthur Kornberg to Joshua Lederberg