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402. On Protein Synthesis

403. The Present Position of the Coding Problem

404. DNA

405. The Two Languages of Biology

406. The Molecular Structure of Polyadenylic Acid

407. The Theory of Mutagenesis [Editorial letter]

408. General Nature of the Genetic Code for Proteins

409. Towards the Genetic Code

410. On the Genetic Code

411. The Theory of Inter-allelic Complementation

412. General Nature of the Genetic Code

413. Codon-Anticodon Pairing: The Wobble Hypothesis

415. Origin of the Genetic Code [Editorial letter]

416. The Croonian Lecture, 1966: The Genetic Code

417. UGA: A Third Nonsense Triplet in the Genetic Code

419. The Origin of the Genetic Code

420. On Running a Summer School

421. Diffusion in Embryogenesis

422. DNA: Test of Structure? [Editorial letter]

423. Central Dogma of Molecular Biology

424. Molecular Biology in the Year 2000

425. The Scale of Pattern Formation

427. General Model for the Chromosomes of Higher Organisms

428. Directed Panspermia

429. Project K: 'The Complete Solution of E. Coli'

430. The Double Helix: A Personal View

431. Compartments and Polyclones in Insect Development

432. Obituary of Jacques Monod

433. Linking Numbers and Nucleosomes

434. A Speculation on the Origin of Protein Synthesis

435. Higher-Order Structure of Human Mitotic Chromosomes

436. Developmental Biology

437. Split Genes and RNA Splicing

438. Is DNA Really a Double Helix?

439. Selfish DNA: The Ultimate Parasite

440. Selfish DNA [Editorial letter]

441. The Function of Dream Sleep

442. Kinky Helix

444. An Error in Model Building [Editorial letter]

445. Some Aspects of Medical Research: The Genetic Code

447. Genes in Higher and Lower Organisms

448. The Biochemistry of Genetics

449. How to Live with a Golden Helix

451. Molecular Biology and Medical Research

454. The Computer, the Eye, the Soul

455. Letter from Francis Crick to Luigi Silvestri

461. Chromatin

468. Ready-made reply card to refuse invitations

469. The Discovery of the Structure of DNA

470. As a Basis for Discussion

471. Ideas on Protein Synthesis

473. Letter from Francis Crick to Jacques Monod

474. Cracking the Genetic Code

475. The Genetic Code

479. Properties of Ribosomes

486. Letter from Francis Crick to Leonard S. Lerman

494. Letter from Arthur Kornberg to Francis Crick