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3. The institution of the Humane Society of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: with the rules for regulating said society, and the methods of treatment to be used with persons apparently dead ; with a number of recent cases proving the happy effects therof

5. The institution of the Humane Society of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: with the rules for regulating said Society, and the methods of treatment to be used with persons apparently dead; with a number of recent cases proving the happy effects therof

6. Arbustrum Americanum: the American grove, or, an alphabetical catalogue of forest trees and shrubs, natives of the American United States, arranged according to the Linnaean system : containing, the particular distinguishing characters of each genus, with plain, simple and familiar descriptions of the manner of growth, appearance, &c. of their several species and varieties ; also, some hints of their uses in medicine, dyes, and domestic oeconomy

13. The medical pocket-book: for those who are, and for all who wish, to be, physicians ; containing a short but plain account of the symptoms, causes, and methods of cure, of the diseases incident to the human body : including such as require surgical treatment : together with the virtues, and doses, of medicinal compositions, and simples ; extracted from the best authors, and digested into alphabetical order

19. A dissertation on hernia humoralis

22. The new book of cookery, or, Every woman a perfect cook: containing the greatest variety of approved receipts in all the branches of cookery and confectionary, viz. : boiling, roasting, broiling, frying, stewing, hashing, baking, fricassees, ragouts, made-dishes, soups, sauces, puddings, pies, tarts, cakes, custards, preserving, candying, drying, potting, collarding, English-wines, &c. ... : to which are added, the best instructions for marketing, and sundry modern bills of fare : also directions for clear-starching and improving beauty : likewise a collection of phisical [sic] receipts for families, &c. : the whole calculated to assist the prudent housewife and her servants, in furnishing the cheapest and most elegant set of dishes in the various departments of cookery, and to instruct ladies in many other particulars of great importance too numerous to mention in this title page

29. A dissertation on the disorders which affect the neck of the bladder, the urinary passage, and the neighbouring parts: producing excrescences in the urethra ... ; likewise hollow flexible catheters or bougies are made by the author ... ; a proper liquid for injection is also prepared by Francis Lallier

33. Letters to married women

34. Cautions to the public against new attempts to substitute a spurious preparation for the original syrup of Mr. de Velnos: the recipe for which has been purchased of Dr. Mercier ... by the author, Isaac Swainson, sole proprietor of Velnos' Original Vegetable Syrup

39. An historical essay on the dropsy

47. A treatise of the materia medica

50. A treatise of the materia medica (Volume 1)

51. A treatise of the materia medica (Volume 2)

52. The young surgeons dictionary; or, Pupil's instructor: wherein their terms are explained from the best Greek authors; and an introduction to anatomy, by inserting the definition of the structure of man. To which is prefixed, a catalogue of drugs, chemical and Galenical, in Latin and English: together with rules for chemical experiments, and a table of all the characters used in surgery and physic

56. Hebe, or, The art of preserving beauty, and correcting deformity: being a complete treatise on the various defects of the human body, with the most approved methods of prevention and cure : and the preservation of health and beauty in general : including an extensive collection of simple yet efficacious cosmetic and medical recipes, for essences, pomatums, and washes for the complexion : liniments for thickening, strengthening, and preserving the hair, and changing its colour : dentrifices for cleaning and whitening the teeth, preserving the gums : sweetening the breath, and curing the tooth-ach : remedies for pimples, freckles, warts, corns, chilblains, and every blemish injurious to beauty

58. Cases and observations

62. Domestic medicine, or, A treatise on the prevention and cure of diseases by regimen and simple medicines: with an appendix, containing a dispensatory for the use of private practitioners

64. An essay on the causes of the variety of complexion and figure in the human species: to which are added strictures on Lord Kaims's [sic] discourse, on the original diversity of mankind

67. Aristotle's master piece completed: in two parts ; the first, containing the secrets of generation in all the parts thereof ... ; the second part ; A private looking-glass for the female sex, treating of the various maladies of the womb, and all other distempers incident to women of all ages, with proper remedies for the cure of each ; the whole being more correct than any thing of the kind hitherto published

71. A brief history of the late expedition against Fort San Juan, so far as it relates to the diseases of the troops: together with some observations on climate, infection and contagion; and several of the endemial complaints of the West-Indies

76. The whole of Aristotle's compleat master-piece: in three parts : displaying the secrets of nature in the generation of man : regularly digested into chapters and sections, rendering it far more easy than any yet extant : to which is added A treasure of health, or, The family physician : being choice and approved remedies for all the several distempers incident to human bodies, and containing many new recipes, not inserted in any other edition of this book

79. Nature's assistant to the restoration of health: to which is added a short treatise on the venereal disease, recommending a safe, easy, and proper mode of treatment : also an essay on gleets, seminal weaknesses, and the destructive habit of self-pollution

85. A short essay on the virtues of Dr. Norris's drops for fevers: to which are added, letters and certificates of many extraordinary cures, among a great number of others not made public, incontestibly proving their sovereign efficacy in fevers, &c

89. Advice to booksellers, perfumers, &c. not to sell any more stamps with their medicines, (patent ones excepted) nor the public to pay for them: founded on constitutional principles, with strictures on the Medicine Act, respectfully submitted to His Most Gracious Majesty, and both Houses of Parliament

90. An account of the institution and proceedings of the Guardians of the Asylum or House of Refuge, situate in the parish of Lambeth, in the County of Surry: for the reception of orphan girls, whose settlements cannot be found

92. First lines of the practice of physic