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201. The treasure of health, or A wonderful collection of the most valuable secrets in medicine: for the cure of all diseases, wounds, and other accidents to which the human body is subject, with the method of preparing, and instructions for using, the necessary remedies ; also, the best preservatives against the plague, pestilential fevers, small pox, and other kinds of contagious diseases ; discovered, after much research and experience, by the mos[t] skilful [sic] physicians in Europe, and employed with the greatest success, and unknown till the present time in the United States ; carefully collected by a benevolent society in Europe

205. Quincy's Lexicon-medicum: a new medical dictionary, containing an explanation of the terms in anatomy, physiology, practice of physic, materia medica, chymistry, pharmacy, surgery, midwifery, and the various branches of natural philosophy connected with medicine

206. Gunn's domestic medicine, or, Poor man's friend, in the hours of affliction, pain and sickness: this book points out, in plain language free from doctor's terms, the diseases of men, women and children, and the latest and most approved means used in their cure,and is expressly written for the benefit of families, in the western and southern states : it also contains descriptions of the medicinal roots and herbs of the western and southern country, and how they are to be used in the cure of diseases, arranged on a new and simple plan, by which the practice of medicine is reduced to principles of common sense

214. The institutes of Thomsonism

218. The American domestick medicine, or, Medical admonisher: containing, some account of anatomy, the senses, diseases, casualties ; a dispensatory, and glossary ; in which, the observations, and remedies, are adapted to the diseases, &c. of the United States ; designed for the use of families

219. New and enlarged edition of Dr. Buchan's Domestic medicine: or a treatise on the prevention and cure of diseases by regimen and simple medicines : with the latest corrections and improvements, and full directions in regard to air, exercise, bathing, clothing, sleep, diet, &c. &c. and the general management of the diseases of women and children : to which is annexed a complete family dispensatory, for the use of private practitioners

221. The domestic physician, and family assistant: in four parts: part I. A short system of anatomy. II. On materia medica, or a description of medicinal vegetables. III. On pharmacy, or the preparation of medicines. IV. On physiology, or the description and treatment of diseases

223. Medical lexicon of modern terminology: being a complete vocabulary of definitions including all the technical terms employed by writers and teachers of medical science at the present day, and comprising several hundreds of words not found in any other dictionary : designed for the use of students and practitioners

224. Suggestions to parents and others on the physical and medical treatment of children: also, diseases of females, together with a practical account of all the diseases to which the human body is liable, and more particularly of diseases of the spine, consumption of the lungs, dyspepsy, and nervous affections

226. The medical companion, or family physician: treating of the diseases of the United states, with their symptoms, causes, cure, and means of prevention : common cases in surgery, as fractures, dislocations, &c. : the management and diseases of women and children : a dispensatory, for preparing family medicines, and a glossary explaining technical terms : to which are added, a brief anatomy and physiology of the human body, shewing, on rational principles, the cause and cure of diseases : an essay on hygiene, or the art of preserving health, without the aid of medicine : and an American materia medica, pointing out the virtures and doses of our medicinal plants : also, the nurse's guide

229. A clinical phrase book in English and German: containing the usual questions & answers employed in examining and prescribing for patients, questions in asking for and buying medicines, etc. : with an English-German and German-English pronouncing lexicon of all the words occuring in the phrases, with the chief technical terms of medical writers and apothecaries : grammatical appendix, table of idioms, &c. designed to aid physicians and surgeons in hospitals, alms-house and private practice, also, druggists and pharmaceutists in dispensing their prescriptions

237. Key to medical science

238. Essays and lectures on medical subjects

243. Information for the legislature and people of the State of Pennsylvania, and professional men throughout the United States: in relation to various systems of superstitious frauds, and particularly those inflicted upon the credulous by pretended doctors in medicine : together with an explanation of the homoeopathic and other systems of deception : advice to students of medicine, young physicians, the public, &c