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407. Family medical adviser: giving such information on the practice of physic and the diseases of women and children as may prove useful in families when regular physicians cannot readily be procured : selected, arranged, and compiled from the best medical authors, together with his own observations in the treatment of diseases, generally : to which is annexed anatomy, surgery, materia medica, and many valuable prescriptions, being a useful guide for intelligent heads of families, overseers of plantations and manufactories, masters of vessels, and travelers


411. Recepte von Dr. Chase, oder, Belehrung für Jedermann: eine sehr werthvolle Sammlung von ungefähr 800 praktischen Recepten ... : ebenso enthaltend eine gründliche Behandlung von Brustfellentzündung, Lungenentzündung &c, sowie der Krankheiten des weiblichen Geschlechts : ungeordnet nach den betroffenden Gebieten, mit Anmerkungen und Erklärungen


412. Popular medicine, or, Family adviser: consisting of outlines of anatomy, physiology, and hygiene : with such hints on the practice of physic, surgery, and the diseases of women and children as may prove useful in families when regular physicians cannot be procured : being a companion and guide for intelligent principals of manufactories, plantations, and boarding-schools, heads of families, masters of vessels, missionaries, or travellers, and a useful sketch for young men about commencing the study of medicine


413. Domestic medicine, or, Medical vade mecum: a safe companion and guide for families, planters, commanders of ships or steamers, or any one who may require a true friend in time of need : this companion embraces, alphabetically arranged, the medicines in general use, the diseases and accidents of usual occurrence, the most useful articles of diet or drink for the sick or convalescent, with the best mode of preparing them, and numerous remarks in reference to bathing, exercise, and other hygienic measures to preserve health, to repair and strengthen an enervated constitution, and to cure disease


417. The medical companion, or, Family physician: treating of the diseases of the United States, with their symptoms, causes, cure, and means of prevention : common cases in surgery, as fractures, dislocations, &c. : the management and diseases of women and children : a dispensatory, for preparing family medicines, and a glossary explaining technical terms : to which are added a brief anatomy and physiology of the human body showing, on rational principles, the cause and cure of diseases : an essay on hygieine [sic], or the art of preserving health without the aid of medicine : an American materia medica, pointing out the virtues and doses of our medicinal plants : also, the nurse's guide


420. The family and ship medicine chest companion: being a compendium of domestic medicine, surgery, and materia medica : with directions for the diet and management of the sick-room : particularly adapted for heads of families, captains of ships, travellers, and overseers of plantations : comprising plain rules for the administration of medicines, with their properties and doses : also general rules on bathing, a plain description of the treatment of fractures, and dislocations, etc., etc., and a concise account of the asiatic and spasmodic cholera, with the remedies to be used in the absence of professional assistance : to which is added receipts of general utility for family purposes : selected from standard works


421. The families' new guide to health: giving a description of the diseases to which families are subject, and their treatment : also instructions how to prepare their medicines, and administer them with safety : with a history of the origin and progress of spasmodic cholera, and the most successful plan of treatment : together with an exposition of the Thomsonian preparations of medicine, as given in the New York medical and physical journal (vol.1, new series), taken from the original specification at the Patent Office


430. Family physician: designed to assist heads of families, travellers and seafaring people in discerning, distinguishing, and curing diseases : with directions for the preparation and use of a numerous collection of the best American remedies, together with a large number of valuable receipts for making plasters, ointments, oils, poultices, decoctions, syrups or waters made of herbs, the time of gathering all herbs, the way of drying and keeping the herbs all the year, also the way of making and keeping all kinds of useful compounds made of herbs


431. Gunn's New domestic physician, or, Home book of health: a complete guide for families, giving many valuable suggestions for avoiding disease and prolonging life, and pointing out in familiar language the causes, symptoms, treatment and cure of the diseases incident to men, women and children : with the simplest and best remedies, also, describing minutely the properties and uses of hundreds of well-known medicinal plants


433. The medical assistant: a large and valuable family work, containing in plain and simple language the nature and treatment of diseases : much of which has been taken from the most approved family works now in use, while the treatises on the diseases peculiar to this climate have been prepared expressly for this work : it also contains a materia medica, a dispensatory, nurse's guide and diet for sick : a glossary is attached to explain the medical terms used in the book


434. The house-keepers' guide and Indian doctor: containing the very best directions for making all kinds of ice creams, preserves, jellies, perfumery, and essences, fancy and plain soaps, and an excellent system on the treatment of the hair : the best method of cleaning brass, marble, mahogany furniture, cutlery, carpets, &c. &c. : also, a complete system of genuine Indian doctoring, to which is added directions for letter writing under various circumstances : the book closes with the celebrated chemical washing recipe


436. The medical pilot, or, New system: being a family medical companion, and compendium of medicine on a totally new plan, and by which all diseases can be treated successfully without minerals or any poisons whatever : especially the following complaints, consumption, liver complaint, dyspepsia, dysentery, diarrhoea, rheumatism, diseases of the heart, fevers, bronchitis, dropsy, eruptive diseases, and all their concomitants : containing also a treatise on the diseases incident to the female sex : the whole being adapted in simple and familiar language, suitable to every capacity, forming a new era in medical practice, illustrated with anecdotes and many costly engravings


449. Esoteric anthropology