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1. [A man infested with dracunculus]

4. [A man and an angel]

5. [Anatomical view of pregnant woman]

10. Bernhardus Verzascha

12. Carolus Jarca Nobilisimae

14. [Clyster apparatus]

15. [Cosme Viardel]

17. Cunradus Froman

18. Der Zahnarzt. The Dentist

20. Draconarÿ Romani ex coniectura

21. Draconis. Signi Dacici, et Draconariorum

24. [The sensation of heat]

25. [Exercitatio]

26. [Exercitatio]

28. [Experiments on atmospheric pressure]

29. [Eye surgeons office]

30. [Eye surgery]

32. [Galen and Hippocrates]

33. [Georg Weiss]

34. Georgi. Wolffgang Wedell

35. Georgi. Wolffgang Wedell

36. Glissonius de Rachitide

38. [Harbor scene]

39. Henricus Magnus Heigel

49. Jacobus Demuth

50. Johann Zacharias