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1. [A tubal pregancy]

4. [Anal fistules]

7. The Argument of the Frontispiece

8. [Arm fracture]

10. [Base of the brain]

11. [Blood transfusion from animal to human]

14. [Blue mold and growth on blighted leaves]

17. [Caesarean section]

20. [Cannulas]

21. [Cautery equipment]

26. Democritus Junior to the Reader

28. Eclipsis Solaris

31. [Extension and luxation]

32. [Extension and luxation]

33. [Eye surgery]

34. [Feather-winged moth]

38. [Flea]

40. [Forceps]

41. [Forceps]

42. [Forceps]

43. [Fractured arm]

44. [Frost figures in water and urine]

46. Gerardus Leonardi Blasius