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1. [Neckless humans]

2. [Centaur]

4. [Dental chair]

6. Syringes

8. [Hôtel-Dieu, Paris]

9. [Hôtel-Dieu, Paris]

16. [Opium-eater]

22. Achromatic Microscopes

24. Nicotiana Tabacum

39. Gasometer and Inhaler

40. Surgeon's Upright Case

41. Allis' Ether Inhaler

42. Lente's Ether Inhaler

43. Ormsby's Ether Inhaler

46. Plan D'Épidaure

47. [Plain of Hieron at Epidaurus]

48. [Facade of Temple of Aesculapius]

50. Mouth Mirrors

52. Roman seats in the Louvre Museum

53. Perspective Sketch

57. [Public toilets]

60. The "Mundif" Pedestal Closet

61. "Dry-Catch" Privy

66. Outline of Coca Plant

67. Coca Leaves

68. Leaves of Peruvian Coca, Natural Size

71. Belgian cage

72. [Nerve structure of the retina]

75. [Model for an operating table]

84. Women's Surgical Ward

94. Wm. S. Greenfield, MD