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1. Fred Griffith

2. Al Hershey and Barbara McClintock

10. Donald A.B. Lindberg, M.D. (Project Director)

11. Gwilyn S. Lodwick, M.D. (Project Director)

12. George E. Wakerlin, M.D., Ph.D. with Ruth Wakerlin

13. William Stephenson, Ph.D. (Project Director)

14. William Stephenson, Ph.D. (Project Director)

18. First state-wide EKG system

19. Arthur E. Rikli, M.D. (Coordinator MORMP)

20. Arthur E. Rikli, M.D. (Coordinator MORMP)

21. Arthur E. Rikli, M.D. (Coordinator MORMP)

22. Thomas F. Eagleton, Arthur E. Rikli, M.D.

23. Thomas F. Eagleton, William D. Mayer, M.D.

26. Robert E. Frank, Arthur E. Rikli, M.D.

27. Karl Migliatso, Fred D. Roberts

28. Hubert J. Van Peenen, M.D., Billy Jack Bass, M.D.

29. Billy Jack Bass, M.D. (Project Director)

33. Arthur E. Rikli, M.D., Jackie Admire

41. Arthur E. Rikli, M.D., Stead Denslow, D.O.

42. Arthur E. Rikli, M.D., Stead Denslow, D.O.

44. Monitoring device placed on the ear

45. Poster - Hooked on Smoking

46. Poster - Biomedical Information Service (BMIS)

62. Regional Medical Group Receives High Praise

63. 1958 Nobel Prize diploma

64. Joshua Lederberg's Nobel medal

66. Dr. Detlev Bronk

67. Herbert S. Gasser

68. Simon Flexner

69. Edward L. Tatum at Stanford