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1. Prohemium

4. [Illuminated letter U]

7. Externarvm hvmani corporis sedivm partivmve

8. [Anatomy of vision]

9. Phisicorum

11. Polomie

17. [Monster of Crackow]

20. [Light projection apparatus]

24. Modus scribendi

26. Alopecia areata Celsi

27. Kozhnye roga. Cornii cutaneum

31. De notis in manu

32. [Library and print shop]

34. Europa

35. Tabaco or Henbane of Peru: Tabaco of Trinidada

36. [A phase of the moon]

37. [A phase of the moon]

38. [Phase of the moon]

44. [A man being attacked by insects]

46. Eclipsis Solaris

47. Dies Microcosmicus: Nox Microcosmica

54. [Early 18th century library]

55. [Early 18th century library]

56. [Early 18th century library]

60. Yellow Henbane

62. [Abdominal muscles]

63. [Abdominal muscles]

64. [Abdominal muscles]

65. [Abdominal muscles]

66. [Abdominal muscles]

67. [Abdominal muscles]

68. [Arteries of the arms and legs]

70. [Arteries of the arm]

72. [Anatomy of the female body]

73. [Muscles and bones]

74. [Muscle plates]

75. [Muscle plates]

79. [A sanguine encounter]

80. [An aggressive advance]

81. [Indecision boardering on apathy]

82. [A melancholic encounter]

83. [Methods of ventilation in early mines]

89. [Circulation of the blood]

90. [Circulation of the blood]

91. Felis, et Leporis

92. [Herbal medicines in a variety of containers]

93. [Containers of different kinds of syrups]

94. Pharmacia

95. Canis

98. [Blood transfusion from animal to human]

99. [Blood transfusion from animal to man]